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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Too late for America

School shootings

 America is the only civilized, at peace country where you have no reasonable expectation of sending your child to school and having the child return home safe and sound without having been shot and killed.

That is a monstrous statement to make, especially as it is true. Only eight weeks and three days have passed and there have been twelve shootings on school grounds.

This is because of one thing: The Gun!

After the obscenity that was Sandy Hook all of America should have seen that the right to bear arms was producing unacceptable results and all guns in private hands should have been voluntarily destroyed. No! The call went out for even more guns and the same old tired excuse that guns don’t kill, people kill was heard yet again. Don’t they yet realize that it is people with guns that kill in mass numbers?  

If I buy a gun and I store it in my house and never touch it then it’s true that the gun will do no harm. However the moment it is removed from its storage space and ammunition inserted into its chamber it becomes a deadly weapon.

The argument is that if everyone was able to carry a concealed weapon then no-one would dare use his because it would assure that person’s destruction. Back in the olden days of The Wild West that’s what they did and apparently it didn’t stop anyone from pulling out his pistol to settle an argument.

The same doctrine covers nuclear armaments where if every country has them no one will dare use their own first as that will bring about Mutually Assured Destruction. That is the MAD doctrine and that too will fail leading to our ultimate destruction.

The stage is set. When everybody is carrying a concealed gun a suicide terrorist or terrorists will attend a Super Bowl game and they will start shooting. Ever notice how quickly people can get involved in a riot? That’s what will happen and a whole stadium will be wiped out while the television cameras continue to run.

After that, who knows?

It’s too late for America. The rest of the world can see it, I’m sorry that America cannot.

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Eugene Carmichael

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