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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Sex Biz

Nice to look at, but don't Touch! If you try to buy what they are selling, you may end up in jail.

I come from a very prudish and conservative country. In my country the scene depicted above has never been seen. Other than the common men's magazines, such as Playboy, Penthouse, etc, possession of pornographic material is a jailable offense. Full frontal nudity in public by anyone is also an offense for which you get sent straight to jail. The charge: committing an act of indecent exposure in a public place. Depends! For many people being nude in public would be a very, very decent act indeed. For others, the charge might be well put.

So you can imagine my reaction when coming to Spain and having gone to the beach for the first time. My wife and I spread our blanket, and shortly after a young woman arrived, stripped off her shorts and tank top, and then unstrapped her bra and let out two of the finest specimens the world has ever seen. It took me about three weeks before I leanred to breathe properly again.

I bought a copy of the local daily Spanish newspaper, and while going through it I came across the section on socials. My Spanish wasn't that good, but still the adverts were there and pretty explicit. Men and women were offering their intimate services, and there was something for everyone.

Mostly those advertising were young foreigners from Romania, Russia, Africa, South America and the West Indies. However, I clearly remember one ad from a mature woman who offered to wash you from top to bottom with her tongue. I told that story a hundred times, and while giggling I wondered whether I needed to have a shower before going to see her, or after I had been "washed" by her, or whether I would need bother with the shower at all.

In spite of the humor there was presumably a very serious story there, one of desperation. This was in 1999, well before the economic crisis took hold.

The lady licker came to mind recently, just out of the blue, but she caused me to take a look to see what has changed in the columns of adult relaxtion. To begin with Spanish women are well represented these days, as well as others from lots of other countries, including a high concentration of Oriental girls. Lots of ads suggest that the young women are University students, which was also the way it was back in 1999. The big change is that there is a major presence of mature ladies willing to offer the client complete services. Some say they are 60+ years of age. This is real desperation at work. The country has really let down its pensioners when at 60 years of age you have to sell sexual services to anybody who might walk through the door. If anybody walks through the door.

I think I need to go and see these people and convert them into promotors of my product, and make them respectable citizens and give them back their dignity. What do you think?

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael