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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Me, and Katherine P.

Katherine P. A Formidable Force

I met Katherine P many years ago when I was manager of a cocktail lounge, which was part of a hotel. She arrived in my lounge on a Sunday evening before dinner. I welcomed her, introduced myself, made her feel comfortable and suggested that after dinner she might perhaps like to join us for our live entertainment, which she did.

During the course of the evening we kept up a running conversation, and towards the end of the evening she asked me if I might be available to take a drink with her in an after-hours place. I was only too happy to do so, and so we drove into the city and I parked across from a nightclub in their parking lot. As we were leaving the parking lot our way was barred by three men, one of whom walked up to me and pushed me in the chest, demanding to know where did I think I was going with a white woman?

Several things came into play at that instant: I was clearly under threat of grievous bodily harm from these three thugs, so I had to consider to stay and fight, or take flight. I had a lady to protect. For all I knew they were going to abduct and rape Katherine, and I couldn't have that. Thirdly, I was challenged in front of a lady, so my pride was hurt and that made me very, very angry. Perhaps worst of all they had pushed my ego button, so no way was I not going to meet this challenge head-on.

In the split second that all those thoughts ran through my mind Katherine turned to me and said, excuse me. She then stepped forward to loudmouth and showed him something, and said, "I'm a Secret Service agent for the United States government. I help to protect the President of The United States of America and the first Family. Because you idiots have allowed me to get this close to you, if I choose, I could kill each one of you right now with my bare hands, and there would be nothing you could do to stop it!"

It's interesting to watch what happens when a person processes really bad and dangerous information. The colour drains from their face and they go ashen; the mouth drops open and the eyes bulge; and the arms hang loosely.

She continued:" you are interrupting a perfectly lovely evening and you need to get out of our faces. WHY are you still here?"  The three men launched themselves away from us as though they were shot out of a cannon.

Katherine then turned to me and apologised for not giving me a chance to deal with the situation, but she thought her way would be the fastest and least complicated. She hoped I would forgive her. I looked her straight in the eys and said, "Katherine, I think I love you!"

It turned out that I was just what was missing from her life--a man to love unreservedly, who didn't interefere in her career. For four wonderful years she came to visit me as often as she could, never the other way, until the romantic relationship had run its course. However, before things really got under way I became aware that someone was looking into my background and who I was.

Katherine and I never discussed anything to do with her "Ops" in spite of my incredible curiousity, but none-the- less Katherine P takes the prize for The Most Outstanding Person I have ever met. What a woman!

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael