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Monday, May 28, 2012

It's That Time Again!

President Barack Obama
44th President of The United States of America

The race for the White House in November, 2012 has begun in earnest. You don't have to be an American to be interested in how the presidential elections will turn out. In the past this topic had become a great bore, but never again. The old criteria has been thrown out, that said that you could only occupy the Oval Office if you were white and male. Going forward, the American elector will choose based on the best person for the job at the time, whether black, white, male or female.

I am not an American, so I will write as a person independent of thought, which should be refreshing because in the United States, that is something very rare. I am, however, a black man, and that does influence my opinion somewhat, but not as a Democrat or Republican. I have to say that I was very pleased for America that the Democratic Party chose Mr. Obama as its nominee. That alone moved the Black Race, and America forward by a quantum leap. However, I really was uncomfortable that he might win the White House at a time when the economy of the United States was in such a perilous state.

To use the Titanic analogy, the great ship of state was resting with its bow under water and its stern rising into the air. Had the ship sunk on his watch, he, and black people everywhere would have been given the blame forever.

He was elected, and he has conducted himself in a presidential manner, and he and his team have brought the bow up above water and they are valiantly attempting to settle the ship on an even keel. Whomever serves for the next four years will have to continue this work. It must be done.

The challenges facing the United States, and the world are overwhelming. The new man always comes in with great gusto and hope, expecting to achieve miracles. Perhaps this is as it should be. Then he bumps into reality. If he inherits an up cycle in the economy, all he has to do is avoid doing something stupid that will derail the growth. When things are heading South, that is when the test will be endured.

As stated, President Obama has been functioning in a proper presidential-like manner, and his administration, and his personal conduct have been free of sleaze and scandal. He has taken on and succeeded in a few things that stand to his credit, so personally I can say that in my opinion he has been the perfect first Afro-American President and he has made me proud.

I will not say who I think should be elected to the White House in November, that is a matter for the electorate. I'm very sure that Americans will simply vote for whom they think will take the country forward for the next four years without other artificial criteria. That, at the very least is one of President Barack Obama's finest legacies.

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene  Carmichael


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thoroughly Modern Women

Women who celebrate being female, and who absolutely enjoy sex.

In England a man is currently on trial on a charge of rape. He is fighting for his liberty and dignity that will depend on whether the jury has a modern view of women, or not.

The facts are that the man attended his club's ball without a date, and on leaving he encountered a women at the exit who asked whether he was going her way because she appeared to need a drive home. She and her husband had had a tiff, and he had gone off without her. The man answered that he would be very happy to drive her home, wherever she lived. They never left the parking lot, because on the way to his car, with both people steady on their feet and apparently in control of their speech, she suddenly said: "I want to be fucked tonight..hard! Are you the man for the job?"

He had never seen the woman before, and was dumbfounded, so she gave him a thump and asked again, "Are you the man for the job?" There are men who would say, "Sorry Darling, but no I'm not!" But then, they would go on to say, "I'm looking for the same thing myself."  I simply cannot think of a man, other than perhaps a religious priest, who wouldn't answer, "Of course!"  He may absolutely hate himself afterwards, but even his wife would have to understand.

So she took off her panties and the man gave a good accounting of himself in his car, until another man came up and interrupted, saying, "I say there old boy, what ever are you doing to my wife? That's hardly cricket!" I'm paraphrasing the husband, but it would have been words to that effect.

She then said, "Oh Dear, there you are. This man is raping me!"  And on the basis of that he is now facing years in jail.

The jury must now decide whether a woman would confront a total stranger with such a demand of him. This is a conundrum. If the jury is made up of all women, they could understand the mind of a fellow woman, but men on the jury, thinking of their own dear wives, and forgetting all about the romping they did together when they were single, may want to think that women are dainty things that must be protected at all times, and that butter is difficult to melt in their mouths.

Women are, and have always been fully functioning human beings with similar desires and needs as men. Societal conventions may insist on leaving it to men to take the lead, and for men to be seen as doing sexual things to women, but the facts are that women who are not otherwise artifically constricted want to enjoy sex, rather than to see it as a duty.

There are prostitutes who use sex as a business, but get no enjoyment from it. There are housewives and girlfriends who submit to their men while gritting their teeth; and then there are women who insist on sex on their own terms. They want it when they are ready; they want to be a full partner in the act; they want at least one orgasm from it; and they sometimes want to engage in out of the ordinary activities in search of that orgasm. At the end of the evening they want to be able to look back on the night and declare, "That was great!"

I know such women exist, and I can believe that the woman who is pressing charges of rape would have been capable of  making such a demand, and is only pressing a rape charge because she was caught by her husband. It is one of the curses of being a man that we are so easily manipulated by sex. Women know it is as easy to make us hard as flipping on a light switch, or turning us off as well. I don't like that about myself.

The man at the centre of this problem is just unfortunate to have been the one chosen. Any other man could just as well be in his place. Hope he enjoyed what little he got of it!

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gays and Lesbians

Just Folks!

I intended to write this blog on the subject of sexual preference anyway, then President Barack Obama took a stand in defence of same sex partners to marry if they want to do so. He has no objections, which politically is a brilliant move, if not a little risky, as it leaves his opponent to defend the opposite,and some will say bigoted, view.

The reason I wanted to write this is because lately I have noticed a number of people coming out, without having been asked, and declaring that they are homosexual or lesbian. I thought that this was a little strange because it would not occur to me to walk up to a stranger and say that I am hetrosexual.

Now, let's be clear, it would not be the same thing because in the past people who have found themselves with a sexual preference for same sex partners have had to live in the closet for fear of what such a declaration would mean to their career and family. So, to now be able to be open is a giant step forward, and in the near future no-one will feel the need to make open statements about their sexuality, just as it would be ridiculous for me to go around saying that I am a hetrosexual. I have had to tell a few fire breathing males who wanted me to play games with them that "I was not into that sort of thing," and a few girls have told me to forget my desires for them because they didn't swing my way. Fair enough, but to be generally making it clear to all and sundry what turns one on, is really peculiar.

The subject of sexual preference is super personal, and is simply nobody's business except the participating parties. They should not care a toss about how I feel about what they are doing together, and frankly, I don't give a toss about other people's affairs. I am having quite enough to do to keep my own life on track, so I learnt a long time ago that if I leave gays and lesbians alone to make their own lives, the world just ticks along just fine. I have no stress, and I don't have to worry about the sexual preference of someone close to me.

There was a man who appeared on TV who was a passionate advocate of the traditional description of marriage between one man and one woman. The interviewer asked, but what if one of your own children should find that their sexual preference is for someone of the same sex? He finessed the question, saying that he was sure that wouldn't happen. Maybe not, but he should know if it does it will be his problem, and one of his own making.

For a long time I had only one question, and that was about same-sex couples adopting children, but we are now hearing from those children about their experiences growing up in  a home with two moms or dads. Their experiences included teasing from other children about their parents, but generally they have emerged into adulthood as well-balanced young people.

So, I will continue my life with an attitude of live and let live. I'm glad that President Barack Obama has taken another bold step forward, and whether he has one or two terms he will stand in history as the most significant President in U.S. history.

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Be Nice Day in España

They're Off!

The date today is 6th May, 2012. This is the start of something that I think will become absolutely huge in Spain, as it is a day of concerted fundraising for charities, while at the same time promoting personal fitness in an atmosphere of sheer fun and delight.

BayRadio of Denia, have launched an effort to bring together charities from all over Spain to encourage their supporters to get ready for the summer bikini and to raise much needed capital to allow charities to continue their vital work. The economic crisis means that charities are particularly hard hit, so instead of one sponsor picking up the slack, what is needed is for many people to do a little, so that in the end we will have done a lot.

In Bermuda, such an event has been in operation  successfully, and this year, on May 5th, yesterday as I write this, they celebrated their 25th anniversary. The idea is the same, generally speaking, in that they hold an annual event that brings the whole community into action to raise a ton of money that is shared among a number of charities who have programs that will benefit in the applicable year.

For Spain, there is some new elements to get used to, such as sponsoring your friend or cousin, etc, to do the walk. The combined funds collected go to the charity of your choice, but the one obligation is that Caritas, the Catholic Church charity must receive 15% of your net funds. This was suggested by BayRadio and it is a very good idea because everyone knows Caritas, so they provide a single link throughout all of Spain.

I went out to El Verger where PEPA, the Asociación Protección y Educación para los Animales, and SCAN, the Society for the Protection of Animals combined to hold a walk. The day could not have been better for a lovely stroll and participants had the spirit, showing up dressed in costume. As a first time event they were supported by an encouraging number of walkers, and the El Verger Ayuntamiento, a beautiful and very tastefully done venue, was resplendent in the sunshine with its wonderful pool and bridge in front.

The walkers set out at 11:30am and were back by 12:30.  There were many stalls with some tempting things to buy, and one stall with two very talented people doing face paintings. When I left everybody was getting ready for lunch.

The Malima Project, for which I am treasurer did not participate in this first event because we did not learn of its existance until too late to get organised, but we will do so next year, staring on the first Sunday in Feb with a short introduction walk of only ywo kilometres so as to stretch those muscles after the winter; and we will follow in March with a three kilometre stroll. In April we will do four kilometres so that we will be ready for the five kilometres in May. We will also add a 10 kilometre walk at the same time for those who want slightly more of a challenge.

We will keep our eyes open for some idea of overall results, and we can't wait until 2013.

Copyright (c)  2012     Eugene Carmichael