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Sunday, July 5, 2015

What to make of this?

Last week we spoke of the horrorific events that took place in Sousse, Tunisia where 38 people, all semi-naked lying on a beach taking the sun, were summarily executed by a demented young thug in the name of nothing sensible. We ask the question: What has the world come to, and where do we go from here?

It seems that we can no longer expect to go about our daily business in peace and safety. People have been shot down in extreme cold blood while having a hamburger; while at the movies; while in prayer and bible study; while engaging in wholesome compamionship; while in school; while shopping at the mall; while simply sunning ourselves on the beach; and in our own homes. Nowhere are we safe, at no time are we safe. We are aware of what is happening in war zones but what we fail to understand is that the entire world is a war zone. We have this beautiful planet to enjoy, but mankind, in all our massive stupidity are destroying the world and our selves. We are the enemy!

Following the Sousse massacre most visitors left Tunisia immediately. Of the 38 killed, thirty were British. However, not everyone did leave. Some stayed on. A TV interviewer asked one couple why did they not leave. As close as I remember their reply was as follows:

We came here to enjoy ourselves and we are determined not to let whats happened spoil our vacation. We think that if we leave early that would mean that the bad people will have won. We aren't going to let the bad people win.

What are we to make of this statement? Perhaps we may think those are the words of the most selfish, cold-hearted, self-centered  brigade. At first blush it certainly sounds that way. To begin with, how is it even posible to carry-on with holiday making; dining, drinking, swimming in the sea, shopping, all without giving any more thought to the 38 people who lost their lives around you. Back home in Britain the entire nation stopped in silence out of respect to those who lost their lives, so how could that couple do otherwise?

I was so appalled when I heard them speak, but it was only when I calmed down did I accept that they too had a point. Clearly it was the intention of the monster to kill the tourist business while killing the tourists. That was the case also with the attackers of tourists in March while they visited a musuem in Tunisia. The country relies for its livelihood on tourism, so what we are seeing is a concentrated effort to shut the country down. A State of Emergency has now been declared in that country as the reality sinks in. Tunisia is at war, as part of the world war against terrorisim.

What do the terrorists hope to gain? A world shaped in their own warped view? They have to know that if they ever do gain the upper hand there will only be others who will follow their lead to try and re-shape the world once again.

Life lived in peace, harmony and love is the best template. All right thinking people will agree with that. However, because we, as human beings are showing we are so flawed, perhaps that model is simply too sensible for us to comprehend. It seems we are only happy when we are killing each other.

What a sick world this is!

Copyright (c) 2015  Eugene Carmichael