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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Murder Trial of Oscar Pistorious

WHAT HAVE I DONE ???????????????

As most people will know, the trial has been suspended while Oscar undergoes psychiatric observation. I personally approve of this step because frankly, what I have heard thus far in the trial "don't make no sense to me."

The narrative would make perfect sense in my mind if it went something like this: It was Valentine's night when a discussion began between the two of them, and it escalated into a highly emotional state. That discussion probably concerned another man because, according to my hypothesis, he became very emotional. Reeva then did what most women would do. She headed for the bathroom and locked the door. He would have then did what most men would do, he followed and banged on the door, demanding that she open the door and come out.

Reeva would have none of that, so he huffed and puffed but the door would not open, so he went and got his gun. She said, you wouldn't shoot into the toilet, and he thought, or even said, Oh, I wouldn't? Bang! bang! bang! and bang! That was followed by the question that suggests a return to common sense:"What the fuck have I done?"

So often we see persons accused of some horrible action who show no signs of regret and contrition. In Oscar's case we have seen the opposite. The man has been so disturbed as to vomit.

What have I done to Reeva, her family, my family, to the whole of South Africa who were so proud of my sporting accomplishments, and to myself? I imagine that the weight of this question is so heavy we are moved to ask, what was he thinking, and could he have taken the action that he did?

What makes Oscar tick? This is not your average normal guy. He has achieved things few others has done. Perhaps he simply does not think as normal people do. I am in Spain writing about something that happened in South Africa, so perhaps there is a disconnect, but his only defense is that he intended to kill whomever was in the toilet, even if that person was having a shit. He simply says that he didn't think it was Reeva.

Is a psychiatric evaluation in order? You bet your bottom dollar it is!

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael
P.S. There is still no sign of missing flight MH370, and it is day 72. The black boxes may be found but the plane will not be with them. Look for the plane and the passengers in north west Austrialia.