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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pornography! What Redeeming Qualities, if any?

Girl sitting without panties, and other depictions.
There are no wrong answers.

What is pornography?

According to The Oxford Dictionary, it is described as follows:
"The explicit description or exhibition of sexual activity in literature, films, etc,  intended to stimulate erotic, rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings."

I have no argument with this description, which also says to me that it is an entirely subjective matter. For instance, I look at the above picture and I am unmoved. What is clear to me is that because it is subjective, I have no authority to judge your tastes, and I will not accept your views regarding my own. However, there is an exception:

Pornographic material that features children or interaction with animals is unlawful and prohibited in decent society, and is therefore within the norms of public decency, unacceptable. Those who use and direct children in such activity are committing grave illegal acts and should be made to pay severe penalties.

Otherwise, where activities involve consenting adults we can choose to accept the material or to turn our backs. Here in Spain, normal family viewing television channels change their program content at midnight on Fridays and Saturdays to bring us as much porn as we might like. However, they use male/female couples and female same-sex couplings.

I do believe that the sex lives of same-sex couples mirror that of hetro-sexual couples in every way. Consequently, I imagine that two men can be tender and romantic and deeply loving in the expression of their love for one another, or simply for the fun of fucking, but I have no desire to witness it. I have never seen any such depictions and I have never seen anything involving children, and I hope never to come face to face with such material. However, if I did I don't think I would faint.

At this point, from time to time the news reports show police officers scrolling through this material. I cannot think of anything worse than being that officer having to troll through such pictures.

In my opinion, there should be a law against capturing on film  females on females having sex. This even sounds stupid to me, but the sight of those women having so much fun without any need for a man is horrifying to me. It makes me feel so completely useless and redundant that it is scary. I think that perhaps when we hear men speak so vehemently against lesbians, they are expressing their own horror at being deemed excess to requirements.

That leads me to consenting couples: it just may be my imagination but it seems that a man could walk up to a very beautiful woman and ask her to have sex with him on film, and she will likely enthusiastically agree. Of course, they are showing off their bodies while in the prime of life, and some are so incredibly perfect, they should only pose as eye candy. They are too beautiful to be put through such  paces. But, I think those who play on film have to really like mindless sex. (I have been there.)  I don't think it is a place for thinking and feeling, because you are in the glare of lights and crew, and I don't see any place for real genuine feeling. They are supposed to be actors simply playing a part. However, I wish they would pay more attention to lubrication.

I saw a clip of a man who was preparing to have sex with two women and he was self-stimulating to get  hard. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Having succeeded, that had nothing to do with the women, that was him achieving an erection all on his own. He might as well have gone on to climax on his own.

The bottom line is that sex, as spectator sport is really quite boring. If you are a man who is not getting sex, and you choose to watch others in action, that's kind of like not having anything to eat, and choosing instead to stand at a restaurant window to watch while a person inside devours a steak. That is a very unsatisfactory thing to do. Also, watching a lot of people having sex does not lead to a desire for more sex, it leads the other way.

So, what redeeming quality does pornography have for me?  Television offers me, apart from porn, the news, which is all about the effects of the economic crisis, small wars that result in more people being blown up, shot, stabbed, mugged, raped, abducted, trafficking of people, buildings falling and killing innocents, people losing limbs and lives while supporting wholesome activities, families having something to eat at fast food restaurants being shot to death, natural disasters, theft by bankers, corruption within governments, children who walk into school and shoot their classmates, fires, flooding, wives being killed by husbands, and the latest thing I heard was that in India several men have been arrested for actually sexually penetrating baby girls aged between four and six months.

Given that partial list of things, I could do worse than watch porn.

Copyright (c) 2013  Eugene Carmichael