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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Malala Yousafzal

The most Beautiful Girl in the World
She is beautiful both inside and out!
(Accepting The Sarharov Prize for the promotion of Human Rights)

Just the sound of her name makes me feel so good. It is just so amazing that this very young person has exploded onto the world, with the help of Mr. Taliband man. It is no coincidence that she was not killed. She is here to make a difference, and that is so obvious. By sticking a gun in someone's face and firing, if you don't kill them, that is because you cannot kill them.

Mr. Taliband man, you say you will try again. It is possible that you might shut down her body, but you have already given flight to her thoughts and her cause, so, unless you want to  increase her stature I suggest you leave her alone. Instead, listen to what she is saying.

Malala considered the life that people around her thought was adequate for her. She searched but could not find an element of humanity or respect in that life, if it was to be imposed on her. She may decide to do the things they say she should, but that has to be her choice. She simply wants to be considered a human being. When a male is born he is automactically considered a full human being. In too many societies girls are so devalued that many are drowned at birth, as though they were unwanted kittens.

Malala spoke out to her audience that she considered was the taliban in the Swat Valley. She could not have known that her views would resonate around the world. To one degree or another her views are valid among kings and princesses, as well as the common man. No one is exempt.  No country is exempt. Her message is as valid in the United States, Canada, China, Russia, England, Europe, Asia, Australia, and every country in between. Respect for women through education; respect for women through acceptance of their abilities and talent; and respect for women because they are simply human beings in the same sense that males are.

It's a simple message. One that every person who is at least reasonable can accept.That is evidenced by the invitations she has accepted, including one from the President of The United States of America. I can only hope that after the formal meeting she had some quality time with the president's daughters.

Lately, a massive number of people signed a petition to suggest that she be awarded The Nobel prize. She wasn't, and that is as it should have been, in my opinion, and that of Malala herself. She is not out to win prizes of that sort, although the $1.2 million would have been nice. She just received the Sarharov Prize, which is the top award for Human Rights promotion. That was very good and a significant encouragement for her to continue when she grows tired. She will win the Nobel Prize if allowed to continue to press her crusade because she will make such a difference.

The taliban think that girls don't need to be educated because their place is in the kitchen and in the bedroom. We hear that even today in our Western societies. Education will cause girls to want more, and to challenge the men. Well, they are absolutely right. Behind every strong man, there is an even stronger woman, driving him on to be the best that he can be. Many men who have succeeded in reaching the heights, to their absolute delight made it because they had a strong woman upon whom to lean. As well, a strong educated woman can possibly make for an even better leader than a man, as has been seen.

Some men are afraid of strong women. So, avoid them and leave them to strong men. Not every woman will be strong and demanding. The point is that in a society where everybody has access to education the society will be able to offer choices. It will also offer opportunity for growth. A society without educated women and men is a restricted place. There is no expectation that anyone will soar overhead from such a place, yet Malala is one such person who, on her own, with a father who clearly thinks outside the envelope, is a most unlikely modern day saviour.

Yes, Malala, you are so right. Every girl has the right to a solid education so that she can make her own choices and contribution to the wellbeing of our world. However, somehow I think that your greatest legacy will be the education of those who now stand in your way, including the taliban itself.

May you be safe and stay focused. You have been sent from Heaven to lead the world higher to the next level. There is no stopping an idea whose time has come. You are the chosen messenger and all the reasonable people of the world are with you!

Copyright (c) 2013  Eugene Carmichael