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Sunday, August 31, 2014


One of the most important company logo's of our time and for the future!

It was in 2010 that I presented my ideas for what was needed to dig our way out of the economic meltdown the world had found itself in, while giving a speech to Toastmasters in Spain. In all my years I had never lived through such an ecomonic  mess, so it occurred to me that whole new methods of revenue sourcing had to be found. No longer could we rely on the usual system of recovery to get us back on track.

Almost predictably it was the United States of America that produced the radical thinking necessary, and as a result there are several ideas that have evolved. The one that I find most useful is that from Forever Green, a Wellness company of Utah.

That company has devised a pain relief product that it calls the Power Strip, which is a patch that the person suffering from muscle aches, strains and pains, back pains, cramps, etc, applies to that part of the body that is generating the pain. Within 48 hours we have found the pain to have disappeared, although it starts to work immediately it is attached.

There is a business opportunity attached to the product that offers the individual to act as promotores of the product. Just as George Clooney has been principal promotor for Nespresso since 2006, having earned a reputed $40 million during that time for that purpose, now individuals can take on a career as promotores, acting through word of mouth and person to person contact to market the product direct to consumers.

That is an old idea, networkmarketing, that for most people doesn't work all that well. The problem being that the salesperson has to go out and find buyers, who once they have bought the product take their own sweet time before they may want to buy again. There is usually a lot of time and effort generated in moving product this way. It is often decided that its just not worth it. However, in the case of FGXpress Power Strips the individual does not have to sell the product, they only have to sell the idea.

What a difference that makes!

There are a few ways to approach the FGXpress opportunity. (a) An individual could look at it simply from the potential to himself for generating an income; (b) It could be seen as a wonderful opportunity to assist people with pain to find relief using all natural ingredients without having to swallow pills; or (c), the approach I favour most, being that I have the facility to bring relief of physical pain, but also of financial pain to potenially so many people. Here in Spain the economic recession still is having a dire effect on millions of people. For so many to take up the invitation to act as promoters is their only way out.

So, that is what I am doing. I am working with groups of people who really need this opening to get out from under the burdens they are suffering. As well, I am working with people for whom another revenue stream would be nice, but to help people dig themselves out from the quagmires they find themselves in is true satisfaction.

I invite you to find out more by visiting and then visit my webpage, and join us.

I apologise for the commercial but you have to understand that I am so excited about the potential rewards of salvaging families from the wreckage of financial disaster that I came out of retirement at age 75 to get involved.

It's definately worth it!

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael   

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Never judge a book by its Cover

This is a book I would buy.

We men are so predictable. We understand what the advice is telling us, but when it comes to women we all respond to the visual. A beautiful woman attracts our attention and we immediately think that we would like to spend time with her.

Agreed, the definition of beautiful is different for each man. It need not be the woman with the big hair and perfect make-up, or the big boobs. But whatever your personal idea of beautiful is, its a visual thing and you are drawn to that person, and you make instant decisions about such a person.

Women tell me that they are drawn to a man by other attractions, especially his intelligence and his percieved wealth. They make the same mistakes we do, if that is the case.

The way we are wired is that we respond to the visual, even after we have found the perfect woman for us. That is a curse which is frustrating for us. We know that our woman will be annoyed if we are constantly turning our heads when another beautiful woman passes by. We certainly wouldn't like it were she to do the same thing when a handsome guy was in the zone. In our natural state, if left to our own devices, we would chase every attractive skirt to bed her, and then to move on to the next one. When compared to the animal kingdom, we are the lions. A life of all-day sex, a meal and a drink would suit most men.

However, we live in a civilized society where the church says we should not behave that way. More and better is expected of us, so we have to comply. We need to control our natural instincts and to act like decent human beings.

So, that brings us to the point: how do we make a decision about choosing a life partner? It cannot be based simply on how she looks. If anything, the more perfect she appears in public the farther away from her we should go. If you have to have a trophy wife to be by your side so that you look good, so be it. But, expect a whole catalogue of problems to go along with that.

The commonsense approach is that you have to get to know her over a prolonged period. She has to get to know you in your natural state. That is to say that after you have both finished trying to impress one another, get to know the real person before starting off on a journey for life. She has to know whether you think you should be able to knock her around or stay out all hours, and you need to know just how demanding she is.

If you were trying to make a decision about anything else, you would consider it important to do your due diligence. This is no different for both of you.

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

There are no STOP signs in Amsterdam!

This is Amsterdam

Imagine this: Your partner says to you, "we are going on a trip tomorrow." She indicates that the temperature will likely be a little cooler than where you are, but that is all the information you have.

You think that you are going on a road trip, but comes the time to leave home and your son is driving the car, so no, you will not be taking a road trip as he takes you to the airport.

I should explain that my wife and I have been playing games like this for years. Mainly she decides where she wants to go on her vacations and I go along for the ride. I don't do details so she tells me what I need to know, when I need to know it.

So, we are at the airport standing in a long line that branches into three. The line on the left is headed for the Turkish Airlines desk. I know my wife wants to go to Turkey. I don't, but if it turns out we are going to Turkey, so be it.

The middle line is going to the EasyJet desk, but they are not showing where they are going. That's not helpful to me, or presumably to anyone else, but that is now the line we are in. The line to our right is going to the Transavia airlines desk, and its destination is Amsterdam. I look at those people with envy because Holland is the one place I really want to visit. We have many friends there, and I have been promising myself for a long time that I would take a trip to see them in their homes.

At the last minute my wife says we are in the wrong line and we shift over to the line for Amsterdam. Yeah!

What a fabulous experience we had in The Netherlands. I could write a book, but I will summarize:  for those of you who have already visited, you will know that the city is made up of canals and bridges and musuems, and lots and lots of bikes. In all of Holland there are about 16 million people and 16 million pedal cycles. Coincidence? In Amsterdam there are an estimated seven million bikes, with about 700,000 on the road at any one time. That's the problem.

The city's roads are narrow; they are crowded with pedestrians, trams running down the centre, followed by buses, and all those damned bikes. Added to that are the cars and trucks that are very much in the minority. The net result is that as a pedestrian you are put on high alert and become paranoid. That continues even after you've left the city and the country.

I'm not sure when I first realised it, but there are no STOP signs in Amsterdam. Not a one! True, there are a few light signals on the major roads, but with all those bikes going in every which way without slamming into one another, its a miracle. There are lots of close calls, but I never saw one collision, and that includes the tourists on bikes.

I can honestly say that Amsterdam is a unique city, from my point of view. It's Venice, but  with a ton of bikes, and a Red Light district that has become institionalized. That can only be found in Amsterdam!

Perhaps its the creed of The Netherlands, that being one of tolerance, that is reflected in all that freedom. WoW!

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Joy of Normal

A profile of a Happy Family

Happy is a normal family with growing children and loving parents living together within the neighbourhood in peace and harmony. Of course there will be the usual disagreements and discipline issues, but in general they are dealt with within a normal noise level, and without disturbing the peace.

We have lived in our home for ten years. When we bought the house one set of our neighbours were noisy and profane. It was my wife's choice to buy the house, it usually is the choice of the wife, in spite of the neighbours. The noise level never did lower, in fact the problem got worse as circumstances changed with neighbours on the other side of our house, that led to domestic problems that were acted out at the top of the decibel range. Life had become intolerable.

I refer to these neighbours as Number 1 and Number 2. Things began to change as in the house of number 1, (the original problem house), two of the residents died. The noise level probably did lower a little, although it didn't really seem like it. That was because over at house number 2 the noise level increased. There was actual abuse going on there which attracted the attention of the authorities, and happily that led to removal of one of the persons to a wonderful house that provides the right atmosphere that has allowed that young person to thrive.

We came home one day to see a "For Sale" sign attached to house Number 1. My wife and I said if only that would happen that could be the answer to our most fervent wishes. However, the real estate market is practically non-existant, so that would be a long shot.

Meanwhile, over at house number two, the remaining occupant was diagnosed with inoperable cancer and subsequently died. At house number 1 the noise level continued unabated.

One day my wife said that it seemed very quiet in the neighbourhood. We assumed that was because the loud ones were away from home. Then we noticed that there was a person at the house, and the "For Sale" sign had been removed. Our neighbours from hell had simply vanished in the night. They are actually gone!

Good bloody riddance!

For a couple of weeks all has been tranquil. Last night over at house number two relatives gathered around the pool for dinner and normal happy conversation. Finally, we can now say that we live in a perfectly normal neighbourhood. Now, we can finally exhale.

Except, house number 1 has nine bdrooms and there are only two people living there.

That's not normal, is it?

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael