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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Do Not Call their Name

Yet another person has committed an act of unspeakable horror by cutting down perfectly innocent people who he did not know and cared nought for in the interest of his own agenda. We know him as a terrorist and a criminal and a murderer.

For a long moment I thought British authorities had got it right as some time elapsed before releasing his name. I have now read a two page spread in The Sunday Times about this man and now we all know his name. To me I have already forgotten it as it does not mean anything to me. I didn't know him or his family before and I don't care about him now. To me he is just another terrorist, criminal and murderer. However, to him in deciding to carry out his heinous acts he would have been well pleased to have known that his name would be infamous and known around the world. Maybe he was a loser before but now" they shall know me by my deeds."

Every famous person who has ever been assassinated has attached to his name the name of his assassin in perpetuity. That is a powerful incentive for a person who feels his life has amounted to nothing, and in order to get famous and make something of himself he decides to murder a famous person or to kill a number of people because he could.

What if the police and the news media placed a black-out on the announcement of his name? If no-one would ever learn the identity of who committed such a horrible act, that would surely remove at least one of the main incentives for the murderer, and quite possibly might not happen at all as there might not be anything to gain.

We do not have to cooperate with the assassin. We can do this now, by simply refusing to give notoriety to those who would do such horrid things. Spanish practise does meet this objective already by giving out only the first names of people being convicted in court (except politicians) and no-one complains that they have the right to know the last names. That is because we don't have that right; it's only idle curiosity to the public and once we hear the name we let it go. It's only important to the criminal.

Those of you who control the media I appeal to you not to reveal the identity nor the photo of those who are so callous against their fellow man. Those of us with mobile cameras can act responsibly by not passing any photos we may have of such assailants across the internet. By acting in this manner you may be surprised by the number of lives you save, including possibly your own.

Copyright (c) 2017
Eugene Carmichael