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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Sweetest Sounding Words to all of Mankind!

A home with Great Views if you dare to look.

The sweetest sounding words in every language in the world are: My Home; My bed; My family. If you can say the words with conviction because you do lay claim to all three, you are among the very fortunate.

These words are the universal common denominator that unites all of mankind, together with the birds and animals of every type. If  I ask a man in Siberia to name the things he holds most dear, although he may have a longer list than me, a list that includes vodka, he will also include the universal top three.

We seem to think that we are somehow different. Some people think they are better than others, but the truth is we are all fundamentally the same.

Home is truly where the heart is. It is what makes us who and what we are. Everyday we look forward in going home. Even if home is a place of discontent, it is home. In some homes violence reigns supreme. Husbands may hit wives, or wives may hit husbands. Both parents may hit the children, or the children who are grown up may hit the parents. I say to all of this Stop! Do not provoke and do not hit! A universal message to everyone in the family.

I would like to think that home for the vast majority of the seven billion people on the planet is a happy place in which to grow up, and to live. My own home was such a wonderful place when I was a child it never occurred to me to even stop and give it a thought. I was safe; I lived on the seashore, and so enjoyed adventures both on land and sea. I shared my home with my mother and father and my sisters and brothers, and my billy goat.

Home is different for everyone because it is customised. My space will be just a little different than my brother's, although we might share the same room. We put posters or pictures on the walls, and the most valuable real estate in the world is my bed, or in my case the bed that I now share with my wife. To have a comfortable bed into which to curl up to fall asleep, and to dream wonderful fantasies is such a gift. It is worth noting that even those without a permanent roof over their heads will succeed in making a bed for themselves that is theirs alone, unless they invite someone else to share.

The moral of this story is that if we all want the same basic things in life we must surely all be related as part of one big family. I think that places an obligation upon me to keep an eye open for any chance I might have to help my brother or sister along life's journey.  Knowing that I have such a large family means I need not ever feel alone.

Home, family, bed. How sweet those words sound!

Copyright (c) 2014   Eugene Carmichael