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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kicking da Can

Thirteen and Sixteen Days of October
Playing with this thing!
October is my birth month, (October 1st), so I really wish that people would stop playing games in my month that threaten to end the world.
In 1962, Russia went head-to-head against America over the Cuban Missile Crisis where even a mistake could have unleashed both countries missiles against the other. Had that happened we would have gone the way of the dinosaurs, leaving the earth to the cockroaches. Humanity was supposed to have learned lessons from that event. Clearly we didn't learn anything, or if we did we have forgotten.
I strongly recommend that if you were born in 1963, or anytime since, to study the events of October 16th through October 28th, 1962. You will see for yourself just how dubious the very possibility of your birth was, all due to bad decisions, stupid pride, and obstinacy, among other deadly sins.
The Sixteen Days of October, 2013 resulted in the shutdown of the federal government, again, due to political bickering in America. This has become an annual event, but is no way to run any government, let alone the United States government. This year the crisis was given a new dimension: the country was held hostage by a small number of madmen who took the country to the brink of technical bankruptcy by refusing to increase the debt ceiling. Were that to have happened the ramifications would have gone round the world like a nuclear blast.
All that because a few lawmakers are pissed off over Obama Care, which exists in law, and has even been confirmed by the Supreme Court. Those people are still vexed. They have tried to repeal the law more than forty times, and most people see that the issue has not been resolved, it has simply been "kicked down the road." This has become the most over used phrase in modern times, and the most hated.
However, there is a good use that phrase can be put to and it is this: the final solution to the problems of Congress would be to Kick the collective Cans of the lawmakers down the road, and out into the political wilderness where they belong. The mid-term elections are coming, and whether the voter is Republican or Democrat, if they elect these same reckless, irresponsible people back into office, then America you will continue to get what you deserve.
Unfortunately the rest of the world will be negatively affected.  We have already heard the call for a de-Americanized world. Perhaps it is worth remembering the roll call of previous countries that were world super powers in their day: Greece, Rome, Great Britain. No one gets to be Number One forever, so perhaps what we are seeing is the fall of the United States as world leader.
When that happens we will also remember what set the rot in!
Copyright (c) 2013   Eugene Carmichael