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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, II

Queen Elizabeth II
Coronation Day, 1952

Monarchies are peculiar things. They were created a very long time ago, so, in our time we were simply born under the system, and when the ruling monarch died, the successor simply moved into place on the throne. We, the people have nothing to say about the matter.
A presidential system is far better, but only provided that it follows the American system of automatic term limits. Good presidents and horrible ones all are limited to one or two terms, and the only way to possibly prolong a really popular president's influence is by electing his vice-president, and then, hope for the best.

History is complete with facts relating to kings who were absolutely awful, and whose reign was felt by all subjects as a very heavy burden. At least, in these times, kings and queens function as titular heads of state, with the business of actually running the country left to prime ministers.

For those of us who are subjects of Her Majesty, either because we are British, or members of the Commonwealth, today, June 3rd is a good day to celebrate 60 years under Queen Elizabeth, II, even if you don't believe in the monarchy. The fact is that we are served by a Monarch, who could have been quite a different person, and our lives might have been very different had she chosen to impose her will upon the masses. Instead, she has played her role to perfection, and we have been comfortable, and proud, under her Reign.  Perhaps others in the Royal household have made mistakes and have caused some embarrassment, but the Queen has not once done anything to really cause her subjects to wince.

There was a difference of opinion as to what she should have done immediately following the death of Diana, but that event was a great surprise, but was made right in the end. So all things considered, we have been very lucky to have been served by such a wonderful and responsible individual, and today is a really good opportunity to demonstrate our good fortune.

It is seldom that we have the chance to be unanimous in agreement. This is one of those times!

Happy Diamond Jubilee, and Congratulations, Your Majesty!

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael