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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Cuddle

Two young people who look perfectly happy as they cuddle.

There is one absolute certainty: throughout the history of men, not one has ever said the following- "I'm going home because I want to give my woman a cuddle." It is also highly unlikely that it will ever be said.  This is because men don't understand what a cuddle is, nor why it might be appropriate.

Your woman will often be in need of a cuddle, and when she turns to  you for you to wrap your arms around her and give her a loving embrace, you become sexually aroused and off go your hands in search of something else. She gets angry, pushes you away and storms off saying all you bloody men are alike. "What?" What did I do?

Our wiring is completely different in this regard, so it takes tremendous understanding to respond in the appropriate fashion. When we men come into close contact with the soft and curvy body of a woman we respond automatically to think sex. Sex is evermore on our minds anyway, and the least little thing set us off.

Women, on the other hand are generally motivated by feelings of tenderness and love. If she has had a very difficult day, and you have behaved yourself properly in letting her get things off her chest, she will most likely turn to you for a long hug and a kiss. That's a cuddle.

If she is not feeling well from a health standpoint, a cuddle will cheer her up just perfectly.  If she is fighting with you because you make her so angry, rather than defending yourself and shouting back at her, if you can get close to her to put your arms around her, the cuddle will probably work wonders.

Even in bed, if you turn to her just to hold her in your arms to fall asleep in that manner, she will appreciate the fact that you see her as a full person, rather than always seeking sex from her. You may be wondering when will we have sex?  Often sex does happen when you least expect it. If you can make her feel really good and safe, she knows what you want and need, and she may decide to reward you for being so thoughful. In that regard the cuddle may be thought of as foreplay, although to approach it from the standpoint of giving your woman a cuddle with the expectation of sex would be cynical.

As we have seen the word "cuddle" is not a bad word, and it has a very central role in every couple's relationship. You may not want to say to your mates that you need to give your woman a cuddle, but do it every chance you get. No woman has ever said, "I suffer from too many cuddles," and she never will.

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael