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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finally! I get it!

The price to own one of these is very expensive indeed, and I don't mean only in dollar terms.

I finally get the argument of the American gun "patriot", the gun zealot, and the National Rifle Association in their determination to own guns. These same people seem to believe that the way to keep people safe is by having everybody armed. The thinking is that even a crazy man is likely to think twice before opening fire in a crowd that is armed. Well, maybe, but what if they are wrong?

At the heart of the thinking is that it is necessary that the population be well armed to keep the United States free forever from becoming a dictatorship, as has happened in so many other countries. Could it happen in the United States? Certainly! The president is Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, so in that capacity a man who is a megalomaniac could twist and turn members of his Cabinet and the top officers of the various military departmens to fall into line and do things that they might think are not especially proper.

The war on Iraq has been called a pre-emptive action that was taken against something that noone can prove  was even being contemplated. Before that the president at the time ordered an action against Grenada in the Carribbean because he didn't like the duly elected Socialist leader. Some have called these actions an abuse of office but they took place, and if a president could use his power to effect such actions it is not beyond belief that he could go over the top.

There are more than 300 million guns in America in the hands of civilians, thereby constituting a second army that is not under the control of the C-I-C. Therefore, the people have a way of imposing their will if they feel the need to fight back. Naturally no-one wants to see the coming of the day when this has to happen, but it is possible.

The extremists win this argument, in my opinion, BUT, there is a price to pay, and America has been paying that price every day, and there are atrocities coming that will make people faint due to the severity. For instance, should a group of madmen decide to enter a stadium of 100,000 people, where they know everybody has a gun, to start a massacre, then that is what they will do through confusion.There are many more horrific events that will occur over the coming years because there is so much anger in America, and far too many guns to express that anger.

It is unlikely that anything significant will occur within America to bring about real change afftecting gun control. In fact, gun ownership will continue to rise, and if I lived there I'm sure I would feel the pressure as well to buy at least one gun.

So, there you have it! America is caught within a Catch-22 and is unable to help itself on this issue. It has all manner of economic problems and does not need this problem. Those of us who live outside it borders can only watch from afar and shake our heads in sorrow.

Copyright (c) 2013  Eugene Carmichael