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Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Halloween Election - Be very afraid

I am not an American voter, but I have just as much to gain or lose as every American. This American election, more than most, will be a possible turning point in American history. Every eligible voter should participate to do their bit.

After the children have done their rounds trick or treating, the real Halloween horror begins. Economically, America has some radical changes ahead to adjust to, regardless of who wins the election. These changes will severely challenge the office of the president, and they will most likely mean the downfall of The United States of America as the top super power of the world.

Please don't misunderstand me when I say that I congratulate Mr Trump on running such a clever campaign. I am not one of his supporters, but I have analysed his unorthodox tactics and they have been brilliant. Of the seventeen Republican starters he was deemed to be at the bottom of the pack. Through the use of insults, outrageous statements and downright lies he has awakened a sleeping army of robots who have fallen in line behind him to crush all of his competition, and to take over their party; and now he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Hillary Clinton, and it is entirely possible that he may win the race.

Brilliant!  That deserves my respect. Not my support, but when a person can overcome all the odds to get to a point where they can just about say, "Mission Accomplished!" that is to be admired.

What is to be admired even more is that his opponent first had to fight off a super strong challenge from Bernie Saunders, and where lesser women might have been crushed under The Donald's steam roller she is holding her own in the arm wrestling match of all time. Should she win we will hear much more about how it must have been rigged.

The past two elections saw America's first African-American elected to office, and throughout he has performed in proper presidential style. I am proud of him as he has been a true credit to black Americans, and black people in general. However, with a Republican congress and senate his hands have been tied. If Hillary Clinton wins her hands will also be tied; and because House Republicans don't want The Donald his hands will almost certainly be tied.

Whichever way we look at it, the next four years might be stalemate except for those economic forces I spoke of earlier. It remains to see whether the coming years will be relatively rational and reasoned, or anything goes. For the answer to that we just have to wait and see, but the outcome cannot be assumed.

It certainly has been the most startling and interesting race. It even topped the campaigns that seated President Obama. If only he could serve another eight years so that the nightmare on 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue could just go away.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I am so ashamed

Gretchen Kelly writes blogs. One of her blogs that appeared in The Huffington Post, (I think) of the 23rd November, 2015, she wrote, under the title, "The things all women do that you don't know about."

Oh? What could that be? I thought. So I read her long article, and by the end of it I was shamed to be a man.

What she meant by her title is that every day a woman can expect to be harassed or propositioned or touched or stared at, and she just sucks it up and keeps her mouth closed to keep the peace.

I have always been aware that there are significant differences between the lifestyles of men and women, to the extent that there has been this mystery that exists in my mind. Generally I applaud and respect the difference. I guess that I have made the mistake of putting women on a pedestal because I think they don't need or want to be there. But for me they have been my opposite specie to be admired, respected and sometimes loved.

Gretchen's article details the disgusting daily things that all young women are subjected to by us males. Usually by males with power to commit such behaviour, but behaviour that they should know better to control. Of course it's all sex based.

Let me tell you what my rather naïve impression has been. When I was a young man life was conservative. Females covered up, and they never opened their legs even if they were wearing slacks. They were super demure and if our eyes met they would turn away immediately. During my early years I never heard of a rape. I was about twelve when a case of manslaughter was prosecuted because a man struck his girlfriend and she went down and her skull was cracked open. That was a major scandal.

Times changed and females began to come out of their shell. They showed more flesh on the beach and in the street. They walked taller with more confidence as they became better educated and got good jobs. Some even earned more money than their tradesman husbands.

The worst sin I recall making against a girl was to take her for a ride on my shiny new motorbike, and for that I was told by my mates that she would give me sex. So, I told her that I wanted sex or she would have to walk back, not even realising that would have been rape.

The girl slapped me so hard that I was knocked off my feet, and then she threatened that her father and brothers would come after me if I didn't take her back promptly. Respect! That is what she knocked into my head, and I never did it again.

Now I'm learning that women are subject to sexual remarks, staring at their boobs or bums, inappropriate touching and proposals; and non-consensual sex if they want to get ahead in their careers.  What a despicable lot we men can be.

Add to all the above the fathers who force their daughters to have sexual intercourse with them, or the brothers who molest their sisters; and those bastards who date rape by drugging women, and we men have a lot to answer for.

We can start by not participating in locker room talk about women. We can keep our hands to ourselves until it is appropriate to use them in a consensual way. We can wish that the rich and powerful guys would restrain themselves and act like decent humans, but we have heard how power seems to give people the presumed right to treat others. This is a truly a disgusting state of affairs.

Ladies, you will probably be surprised to learn that I do appraise your bodies when you are not aware, but I don't want to do anything about it these days. In my youth if I liked what I saw the pursuit began.. Some of you were not interested, and some were offended that I even took an interest. However, I only made a pass in the appropriate place where men and women came together to meet one another, and I was never rude.

As I think hard on my own behaviour in relation to the above list of sins of men, if I could think of something that needs and apology from me I would now give it. What I will do is offer my sincere apology to anyone whom I may have genuinely offended. I certainly would not have intended the offence.

Copyright(c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Miracle in Cokeville, Wyoming

I watched a film this week called the Cokeville Miracle. It's really about Guardian Angels and Guiding Spirits, something I really do believe in.

Guardian Angels are apparently spirits that never ever lived as human beings. We all are assigned one whose job it is to protect us, to the best of their ability, from harm. However, if we choose to ignore their urgings, then we are on our own. We see examples of such activity everyday from people who take really stupid chances, intent on hurting themselves for a laugh.

Guiding Spirits are the spirits of those who have lived and died, but who linger and live vicariously through us with the intention of helping us to make the right decisions, and to bring comfort to us. They are most active after they have died as a human in giving comfort and assistance to their next of kin. They are also free to attach themselves to anyone they choose if they see that such a person needs help.

My present Guiding Spirit is my Cousin Margery who I find to be very helpful.

The story of the Cokeville Miracle is that a lunatic held all the children of the local school hostage and threatened to blow them up with a crude bomb he had made. To make a long story short the bomb did actually go off and in doing so everyone in the building were at risk of having been killed. The bomb was surrounded by children and their teachers yet, instead of the blast going outwards it went straight up.

Some of the children suffered none life threatening burns, but the only two lives lost were those of the bomber and his wife.

In the instant that the bomb went off children reported seeing angels surround the blast and they were led to safety by people they had either never seen before, or by a family member who had died.

The bomb did detonate; the children and their teachers are all alive; and the damage did occur to the building.

Perhaps anyone who is a sceptic might like to explain that.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Love at first sight: Truth or fiction?

Firstly, falling in love is a most personal subject, so let's not get into an argument with one another. If a person says that they fell in love at first sight, and especially  if they are still together after any significant period of time the point goes to them

I can only express my views and opinions which are mine alone.

As a man I have only ever known lust at first sight. That is the way I am wired. I have seen women in the past and I have immediately fallen in lust with them. Being super beautiful or sexy was not always the criteria, rather it was something about the person that  moved me to want her. All colours, shapes, nationalities,  every one of them appealed on their own merit.

I have been in love. I have experienced what it feels like to give my all to a woman, and to feel her love in return. Wow! That is simply fabulous. However, I have never fallen in love at first sight. I wouldn't even know how to do that.

At first sight I can only know that she has something that I like about her. From a distance I will likely be attracted to her body. The best angle for me to first see her is from directly behind. From that angle I will see her head of hair, her shoulders and the line of her image. Perhaps she will be tall or medium or short. She may be shapely or homely. Her legs may be well developed or stocky. The most sexy thing about her at this point may be her buns.

A woman with well developed buns that move in that special way as she walks is a major turn-on to me. Her buns need not be oversize, but if they are firm and shapely, so much the better. Now if she turns sideway she will reveal her facial profile and her bust size. Her buttocks will also be highlighted. Finally, when I am facing her directly her frontal beauty will be revealed to me.

From this encounter I most likely will have concluded that she is someone I should try to meet. However, the rule is "never judge a book by its cover." Men do that all the time. We think, judged on what we see that we want this woman, meaning we just have to bed her. For all we know she might be a witch.

In my younger years when I did all my thinking with my lower head, if I did get an introduction to her I would have had no greater ambition than to fornicate. If that realisation was arrived at without too much delay and difficulty the relationship would not have progressed beyond that point.

Often lust progresses onto the "Like" stage as we get to know one another a little better. Love runs deep. I have only arrived at that stage once I get to know the person quite well. Once I learned of her philosophy of life, her humanity, integrity, potential loyalty; her kindness, her ability to focus, and her scope of intelligence can I open up my heart to let this person into my inner self.

I believe it when people say they fell in love with him/her the first time they laid eyes on them, but I believe it for reasons that most people probably wouldn't. I am a firm believer  that we have lived before. I think that when we fall in love with someone we think we have never met before, that in reality this is the recognition and continuance of a relationship that existed in our past lives. Since our energy does not die it reincarnates into the body of a new born. Thus these two spirits recognize one another and the story continues.

I pass a man in our cars on my estate a couple of times a week who I have never met. I have no idea who he is; I have never seen him outside his car, and I have never spoken to him. He has never done anything wrong to me, yet I have an intense dislike of him, and I sense he doesn't like me either.

Again, I think this is something that is a carryover from our past lives.

This may seem strange to readers but I suggest that you Google "Reincarnation" for some eye opening facts about what really happens when we are born and when we die.

It's a good news story that you can also follow in my book: "Death is Not the End." Available from Amazon and Kindle.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Birthdays & other anniversaries

I awoke this morning to the realisation that I had reached the 77th anniversary of the day I was born. Was I excited? No. After having celebrated 76 of these things you get kind of jaded. That is definitely not how it should be.

When I was a young person when another birthday came around it was celebrated in style. There had to be a party with friends and family gathered around, and it was a big deal. But why? The continuation of life was taken for granted. We were young and indestructible. However, looking back on some of the things we did to celebrate it really wasn't so guaranteed after all.  Especially judging by the next day, or even the next week's hangover I at least wished I were dead.

Now, when birthdays are getting ever more difficult to attain I am laid back and relaxed to the point where I have to be reminded of the coming of the big day. I have concluded that in a sense birthdays are like our own skyscraper. I can relate  to a tall building with 77 floors. Each floor represents one year in my life and is a living museum. Once in a while I return to certain floors for a visit.

  The ground floor contains the front door through which I entered the world. The second, third and fourth floors were vast playgrounds and adventure lands. The fifth floor contained kindergarten. That was a big step up into an all together different world which was scary. That was when I came face-to-face with an introduction to real life.

It is not my intention here to pass individually through each floor, although on certain floors the visit would be more enjoyable than on others, but it is all there to be remembered and accounted for as "My Life." A similar structure exists for each and everyone, and always has although before high rises we could have used the analogy of one long continuous ground level building.

As I write this, through the magic of Facebook my wife is calling out a long list of friends and family who are sending love and best wishes from around the world. The world as it was is moving out of its shell as a place where we all lived in our own compartments, to a world that is truly global. The Internet is responsible for that in one way or another, and English is the language of the Internet. We are all inter-connected through the simple touch of a button so that whatever happens on the other side of the globe can be shared with everybody on this side and in between.

I would have to try extra hard to imagine our world in one hundred years from now. It will undoubtedly be a vastly different place from what it is today. There may be remnants of our culture and customs left, but very hard to recognize.

On the other hand, one hundred years from now there may be nothing at all, as mankind will have succeeded in making a total mess and it will all be gone.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael