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Sunday, January 5, 2014

And,........We're Off!


We have got off to a reasonably good start with this new year. To begin with, Christmas and the end of 2013 went fairly well. No school full of small children had to die to mark the occaison. No one killed his neighbours with chemical weapons. No building fell on a workforce of hard working indentured labourers, and generally we were spared man made tragedies as part of our celebrations. Here in Valencia we celebrated with the good news that a third less people died over the holidays on the road. We are learning  not to be stupid. At our dinner table there were two designated drivers with the responsibility of getting everyone home safely. It seems many more tables were doing the same.

It was nature who added an element of excitement by visiting upon various areas mega-storms and intense cold and flooding. These things we have to put up with as, fortunately mankind has not learned to control the weather. Yet!

Here's my wish list for things I would like to see happen during this year:

-I would like to see the conflict in Syria brought to an end. President Obama can surely make that happen because he can do what no other can do, if he keeps the thought: "Yes, I can!"
- The poor Egyptians simply want to be ruled with intelligence, sympathy, and compassion. Is there no-one in that country that has those attributes?
- The mid-term elections in the Unted States might bring some relief to the White House, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.
-Here in Spain I would like to see at least one sign posted that reads, "Now Hiring!"

One more thing: I want to win the lottery in a big way because there are so many people, of whom I am aware that desperately need my help. Think on that with your every bit of strength so that we can make it happen. Thank you!

Have a truly wonderful year with good health at the top of the list.

Copyright (c) 2014  Eugene Carmichael