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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sins of the Sons

It's usually the poor children who have to live under the shadow of the misdeeds of the parents. A child grows up with his father in jail for having done this or that. The other school children learn of this and the child becomes the focus of bullying. There have been many fathers who have been executed for murdering others, and you wonder how that affects the life of a child.

I once knew a young man who was simply the nephew of a notorious killer. He once told me that he was thinking of changing his last name, although he never actually did it because it was kind of common. Still, he felt that people always wondered whether he was related.

Times have changed and the world has been shocked by some over the top horrible events committed by young people. Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Traditionally, parents stand by their children and hope to be made proud by their achievements. Instead, in far too many cases the child goes off and does something that is so horrible as to defy logic.

I'm thinking of the child who took his mother's guns and went to school and shot and killed a number of fellow students who were very young, and their teachers. We never hear how the parent copes with that. Then there was that absolute cretin who was a co-pilot of a passenger plane who decided that he would end his life, and deliberately took everyone on board with him. His parents were perfectly ordinary people, but he leaves them to cope with that. How!

Another young man walked into a black church and joined in bible study and prayer with the group  before opening fire and killing everybody. Why? His parents are left to explain the actions of their son. The strange thing about that was that the relatives of those killed declared that they forgave the killer. I know they meant well but that seemed to me to make a bad situation worse.

There are far too many cases of young people from good families who leave home to make their way to Syria to fight with ISIL. They engage in killings in the most barbaric manner while back home parents and relatives no longer can bring themselves to watch the news for fear of what they may see.

Two young men in the heart of London, in broad daylight while the public looked on, attacked and savagely killed a man who was a band member of a military brigade, simply because they wanted to make some insane comment. They have parents. Do those parents agree with their actions or are they hiding their faces in shame. They should be!

If you are parents and your children are making you proud, count your blessings. There are some parents who are unable to do that because of the actions of their offspring.

I include in that statement the many parents, and brothers and sisters who have been killed by one of their own. What the hell has this world descended into?

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael