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Saturday, August 13, 2016

British Toilets

I agree that this is a ridiculous  title to a column that describes a wonderful two weeks in Britain, but the fact is that I was only able to flush one toilet on the first try, and that was in the home of a millionaire. What's with British toilets?

I'll return to that question, but I love Britain in the  Summer because where I live it becomes too hot. When temperatures rise over 40 degrees it is no longer comfortable. I had been saying that I thought this Summer in Spain would be too dry and too hot, and so it is. We left for Britain at the end of July. By that time I was done. Stick a fork in me and take me out of the oven.

Brexit or no, Britain and the United Kingdom is always green, which is a welcome sight if you have been away from it for any length of time. We were back to do the same thing we did last year at the same time, and that was to give our support at a wedding; this time for my wife's niece. People are still getting married but what awaits them is a life of struggle, which is no different than in the past, but how young people get on the housing ladder is difficult to see. If you are an only child and your parents have their own home you can only hope that one day, when they pass, it will come to you. However, as parents we are living longer so you will likely have to wait for some time.

This was a very pleasant journey for us as we did a tour of friends homes to  renew and nurture valuable relationships. We touched base with about forty people, several at the wedding, and in some cases one or two at a time. They were scattered over eight locations which meant a lot of driving for us in so much traffic, but our little rented Peugeot served us well.

Having family that you have a harmonious relationship with means that you have a thing of great value. They live their own lives and we live ours, but when we get together we realise how much value is added to our existence. In this case the family was on my wife's side. For me, I must try to visit my family at least every other year as there are many miles that separate us. Social media does offer something of an intermediate solution, but there is nothing like being there.

So, what's up with British toilets? You push the handle and a little water comes down and I think, here we go, only for it to stop. In most cases I never did get a steady flow going.

My next scientific quest is for the technique and the touch to make a British toilet flush on demand. It is the strangest lingering memory from a visit to the country when I  carry with me so many other totally pleasant thoughts.

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Eugene Carmichael