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Sunday, October 6, 2013

American Party Political System to be Scrapped!

The U.S. federal Government has been shut down....Again!

The game of Party Politics is supposed to be played like cricket. When one side is at play, (in power), the other side is supposed to be fielding in an attempt to knock the other side out. However, that side is fully enagaged in the process and does cooperate in the interest of the game. For politics read "The Nation" in place of the game. For it to be said that the government has shut down is nothing new. It appears that ever since November of 2010 the government has not been functioning.

President Obama came into power with Democritic majorities in both the House and the Senate. He used that political surplus to introduce health care reform, a subject no other president had seriously confronted. That would be his defining legacy to the nation if he could get it passed into law, which he did over amazing objections from people who will come to find it a godsend when their own priviledged position changed.

In countries that have political party systems the survival of the party comes to supercede the good of the country and its people. An attitude of "My party, right or wrong," becomes the norm, and common sense is the victim.  In America there are really only two types of people; the Republicans and the Democrats. If one of each should agree on anything, such as the fact that the sun is shining brightly with no clouds to obscure it, that would be newsworthy.

It appears that American political opinion has become extreme, and the Republicans have ceased to cooperate with the president, just because he is a Democrat. Whatever he proposes, even if it was something the Republicans originally though of, they say no!
Of course, the Democrats will remember when next the president of the day is a Republican. Two can play that game, but in the meantime China is rising and America is falling. I think that in order to arrest the decline the first thing that America needs to do is get rid of the very thing that is contributing to its problems to the greatest degree. Get rid of party politics and try making the representative beholden to the voter who puts him in the House. Now, those very same people can give him an earful, but he stills votes the party line.

Whether we are talking America, or Britain, or Australia or whereever, party politics is the poison that makes the patient sick. Get rid of it and get back to basics.

Make the headline above, "American Party Political system Scrapped," a reality. Do it now!

Copyright (c) 2013   Eugene Carmichael