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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What are Clouds?

You may never see clouds in the same way ever again!

This post may very well rattle believers in religious faith. I am proposing a new form of belief for those who see sense in what I am about to suggest, but before I get to that let me state categorically that I believe that there is some form of Deity, a Controller if you like because if you stand back and objectively review the chaos within which we live, you will probably see that the organisation of it is too perfect to be an accident.

The question that many believers in religious faith find themselves asking, is why does God allow such horrible things to happen to, and by people. Surely He can control the actions of mankind and stay the hands of those who take such distasteful  action against their fellow man, and against the environment and animals.

The answer is that life is all about balance. For all things and actions that are beautiful there are ugly actions. For love, there is hate as a balance. For peace there is violence and war as a counterpoint, etc, etc. The more you think about what I'm saying, the more sense you will find. You may not like it, but that is the world order. You may not like the fact that men are made to be stimulated by the sight of a woman, but that is how we are wired. I may not like the fact that women react to the sight and intelligence of a man by thinking they would like to have his baby, but that is how the world procreates and survives.

I don't take issue with any of that. It's the business of what happens once the act that we call death occurs. We are all taught that our souls go to Heaven or Hell, and we are painted a picture of what happens in those places. To begin with, religious painters depict all the people sitting in Heaven as being white people. No Blacks, Asians, Chinese, Indians, Buddhists, etc, just a bunch of white people sitting around singing Kum- by -Yah.  I don't think so.

My theory goes like this:  When our bodies wear out and we discard them in the act of death, our spirit rises into the sky and joins with all those spirits that have gone on before. Ultimately we get sorted into the right grouping by family ancestry and we float overhead in the form of clouds keeping watch over those below. White clouds are former white people, black clouds are former black people, and shades in between are everybody else.

The interesting thing is that we have a job waiting for us after death. That is to say that we become Guardian Angels for our family members that we leave behind. Sometimes, when we are in mortal danger all of our fore bearers, together with other volunteer spirits spring into action to hold us safe from harm. There are countless examples of how that works. A prime example is when fire threatens and runs rampant over a wide area, as it did recently where we live.  A wall of fire ran over and around our home, yet when we returned the walls of our house had not even been scorched. That, I'm convinced was our Guardian Angels united in surrounding our house, keeping the fire at bay from burning our house to the ground.

The same was the case with our neighbours, although with varying success, a matter of diligence and efficiency of their Guardian Angels. When we are dying, according to those who temporarily died, they are beckoned by someone who has gone on before. The reason they returned from the dead is because it was decided on the other side that it was not your time.

I like the thought that I have a job waiting for me, and that I will be able to watch from afar what this crazy world of ours becomes. Sometimes our ancestors are collectively appalled by some of the things that are taking place on Earth, and they weep for us. We call that rain.

If this theory is reasonable and acceptable, then by all means you may wish to subscribe to it. There is not really a conflict with established religion as we are all better off if we live our lives in a exemplary fashion.

Copyright (c) 2013  Eugene Carmichael