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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Fake President?

As I stand off to the sidelines and watch developments in The United States of America I cannot avoid a grave sense of concern for what is taking place. Especially after the model presidency of President Obama the Trump administration seems to be in utter turmoil. It does appear to be doomed and it is unlikely that President Trump will celebrate his first year in office. It is more likely that he will be impeached on a vote by the Democrats with overwhelming support from the Republicans.

It is not a pretty sight to see a man who holds the highest office in the land to be so ridiculed, and that he makes it so easy by providing the material himself.

He should stop with the Twittering and the name calling because it is not dignified. He doesn't like the Free Press in America, but when you take on these people as your enemy that's a fight that he cannot win. He calls them the Fake News but we can be sure that they are building up their response to push back and say that he is a Fake President. It seems to be clear that there was some interference by Russia in the election process.  What if it turns out that it was the Russians who drove up his popular vote numbers, and crucially it was they who altered the votes of the electoral college, if that is possible?

I don't know enough about these matters to be sure I'm on solid ground with these questions, but one thing is certain. If a person is the president of a country like the United States and he bad mouths key agencies serving under him, such as the intelligence and justice departments the long-term prospects for continuing governance under that president are extremely unlikely.

Careful, Mr Donald.

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Eugene Carmichael