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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Valencia Erotica Exposition (Feria de Porno)

Imagine! A Festival of Pornography.

A few blogs ago I wrote: "Pornography! What social redeeming value, if any."  On Thursday evening, June 6th, I was watching news from Valencia when they featured a story, complete with news from the event, of an exposition of porn that was being held in the major exhibition centre over four nights, June 6th to 9th, That means that as I write this the show is now taking place.

I might celebrate my 74th birthday this year, but I can tell you that I have never before been in the presence of such a live presentation. I felt self-concious in stepping up to the ticket booth, but as I am well over 65 I was granted a discount on the price. However, the young man required proof because he said I didn't look over 65. That made my day!

Stepping inside I was reminded that the last time I was in that particular venue it was for a furniture show, or perhaps it was for the car show.  Curiousity was the reason I was there. I admit to having watched the occasional porn tape, so I had an idea of what these folk get up to, but what would they do in a live situation?

Doors opened at 4pm and I got there around about five o'clock. There were quite a number of people there, mainly men, of course. I was relieved to note that several men were with their wives and girlfriends. The lighting was subdued, the volume of sound was unduly loud and as a consequence completely jumbled up. There were several booths selling sex toys and lotions and creams. There were also six stages with the obligatory dancer's pole, so there would be stage shows of some sort. However, at that moment nothing was taking place. People were simply walking round and round just checking the layout of the zone.

Then one of the presentors introduced to the stage their actors and actresses. There were sixteen girls and four guys. The girls were all perfectly ordinary looking people who I might encounter on the bus and not even blink, other than they were perfectly beautiful individuals. After the introductions were made and promotions given for their  pay-per-view websites we all drifted off to see the other presentors introducing their line-up.

I stepped into the men's room for a nature break and when I re-entered the space after just that few minutes, everything had changed. The actresses of porn had gone to work, and everywhere I looked there was so much going on it was a bit overwhelming. There was one stand where BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochisim) was underway that so sickened me, and apparently most other people as there were very few watching, that I walked away in digust.

I will leave it to your imagination as to what else was taking place, but I did wonder whether the girls were full crazy or just plain stupid. I concluded that the hint is in the description of their profession: they are actresses. They play a role, probably without emotion, and without leaving anything to the imagination.  Judging by the the fact that there were at least four male visitors to every one woman, they seem to have appreciated the opportunity to not only see the girls in their birthday suits, but to also film them up close. I have never seen so many cameras and smartphones.

I came to Spain to live because I was interested to know how different an experience it would be. In Bermuda it is unlawful to produce pornography, or to be in possesion of pornographic material. As if to underscore the difference, on Saturday men and women were riding their bicycles around Valencia in the sunshine without any clothes whatsoever celebrating "NAKED BICYCLING DAY."  I have decided that the difference is night and day; chalk and cheese; Summer and Winter.

I am from the old school. I always needed to know the woman I was making love with, and even when the act was senseless, at least I knew her and enjoyed her. It always did mean something to me, and that I think makes me a person more fulfilled and content. There was also the matter of privacy that was important. Taking the act so public destroyed its value in my estimation. I left the forum for the absolute worst of reasons: I was bored! Sex is not a very good spectator sport.

I think of the people who work as actors and actresses, who probably do their thing several times a day. Normal people engage in love making when the mood moves them, but as a treat. Something special to enjoy. For these show people when work is done, what else is there to genuinely enjoy?

How sad!

Copyright (c) 2013  Eugene Carmichael

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