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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life Eternal? On earth? Starting Now!

The God Switch?

Last week I teased this topic while I took a bit more time to do some research and to get over my disbelief.

Stem cell research has always been controversial and very uncertain ethical ground. It starts with the placenta and takes many avenues. Many people hold that the very entry into an area that they see is reserved solely for God is sacrilegious for man to interfere into, so we should all shut down any findings so far and behave ourselves.

Too late!

It seems that scientists have found an indestructible gene, SP100, which I think is not an embryonic stem cell, but rather is a Pluripotent stem cell, a kind of magic cell that is currently being used to screen patients for cancer before they even develop it, and is also being used as part of a cure for cancer.

It also seems to have other uses, such as the ability to grow new cells to replace dying cells, so the logic of that is to farm such cells into something that is called IPS cells, or Induced Pluripotent StemCells to repair and to rejuvenate human cells indefinitely. In other words, a patient who signs up for this type of treatment could be buying life eternal.

This they call The God Switch!

I admit I am out of my depth and in the deep end over this topic. I first heard about this from a man called Patrick Cox who could hardly believe this giant step had been taken. Patrick is always looking for companies with potential as an investment. The company that holds the patent for this breakthrough he feels also holds the potential for massive growth as an investment, but I wonder.

I believe the average person would not wish to change the way things are,or if at all they might want to elect when to check out. They might want to stay around to finish important work, such as seeing their children grow up and start their own families. The fact is that people even now choose when to die through suicide. When a person has lost their partner, and is depressed, and is old themselves the timing might be perfect. But if you are not financially prepared it's not likely that you would make the choice to live forever.

However, Patrick Cox could be right as enough of the very rich never want to die. I was aware of a rich man who said on his death bed that death should take a poor man instead. He was rich and would help the poor if he was allowed to live.

It raises the question of  how many people would actually take up the offer if it ever gets past the regulatory bodies for life eternal here on earth. In christian religious faith believers opt for life eternal in heaven with Jesus. However, this type of meddling is a step too far. I think we haven't even begun to hear from these folks yet. There is also the possibility of adding genetic engineering to the mix that would all for us to construct the type of baby that we want by design. That is so off the chart that I feel I should be trembling as I type.

Where is all this going? The possibilities are startling when we absent the ethical considerations. However, I choose not to dwell in this zone because it frightens me much too much!

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