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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ah! Summer Time. All's well with the World!

This very picture raises our spirits.

The Spanish weather tells us that Summer has come, and hopefully it's here to stay for the whole season. By the change in temperture from cool to warm there occures a shift in our attitudes. We become more civil towards one another by just the fact that the skies are brilliant. Perhaps even those who are so burdened by debt and family problems may find carrying those loads a little easier to bear while the sun bathes us in all its warmth.

This warm weather makes inland dwellers yearn to get to the sea. Rivers serve just fine even though the water never gets warm, but the coastal beaches are like heaven. For those who live on the coast your time has come. You live for this time of year.

 Spanish families have had it right for a long time by celebrating weekends together. Now the noise level rises a bit with time for picnics and paellas. These are people who put quality of life first, so many others would do well to follow their example.

It's time to let the stress go and to relax.  My wife and I have spent this day with family and friends over a pan of paella and delightful conversation. It was a day that none of us were willing to let end. We are looking forward to many more days like this. I can only wish everyone days so wonderful that we all believe that life itself is just fabulous.

Louis Armstrong so ably croons the song, "It's a Wonderful World." In spite of so many other outstanding works of musical art I think this is his signature tune, probably because so many of us feel deep in our hearts that it really is a wonderful place to be even if we only get to enjoy the best that the world has to offer for a very short time.

Usually, the best is free!

Enjoy your Summer!

Copyright (c) 2014   Eugene Carmichael