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Sunday, May 19, 2013

When your woman wants more than you can give.

Life is so much better when a couple are facing in the same direction and living in Sync.

I have encountered two articles on this subject lately, but I seem to remember writing on this same subject many years ago. The title could refer to almost anything, but we are talking bedroom talk. For such a long time the public conception was that sex was something that men did to women. If you were a woman you were supposed to cooperate with your man to keep him home and happy. Whether that was ever the truth, only history can say, but the modern reality is that women want sex, and they want to enjoy it every bit as much as their lover.

Women want orgasms! When do they want them? They want them now!

You only have to get a glimpse of lesbians playing together and that will put the lie to bed forever that women don't really like doing it. I suppose that as long as there have been lesbians their delicious pleasure has been a best kept secret. I'm not thrilled that women can have such a good time without me, but the fact is that they can, and regularly do.

Normally the man is the villian of the piece. His woman is constantly pestered by his demands for sex, and more sex. For some men his one woman is not enough. He has to go out chasing and cheating as though every woman needs him to satisfy them. However, we are now hearing about the shoe being on the other foot. How does this problem arise?

The most obvious way to avoid it happening is for a man not to marry a much younger trophy woman. You will age quicker than she will, so that when she is in her prime you will be over the bloody hill. When she is longing for a hard one three or four times in the night, you will be content with a good night's sleep. That's trouble, mister, with a capital T. I suppose if Viagra works for you that may be your life saver, but although that will give you a stiff one, will you have the will to use, and enjoy it?

Another way that the problem might arise is where there is a major difference in personalities. We hear that opposites attract, but the real question is whether that's a good basis to grow a solid relationship. After all, a man has to be aroused to be able to want a sexual relationship, but if you have an abusive woman that is unlikely to make you hard; but she, on the other hand may get her jollies by being abusive, to be followed by a good romp in bed. I'm afraid, that wouldn't do anything for me.

The main thing to emerge from a focus on this topic is the public realisation that women are equal. They are equal in so many ways, in fact in any way that they want to be, and in bed is so fundamental we have to ask ourselves why did we ever think anything different.

Copyright (c) 2013  Eugene Carmichael