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Sunday, February 21, 2016

There are none so blind....... those you just don't want to see.  I'm talking about Global Warming, and the fact is that we are in the midst of February and we have had lunch on the terrace where we found it to be too hot. This is the middle of winter, yet we have been having days like this for over three months. Yes, we are very much enjoying the days, that do turn cold at night to remind us what season this is, but how can anyone deny that the planet is warming.

It has been called an Inconvenient Truth, which for some no doubt it is, but the truth is the truth. When I encounter someone who chooses to believe that global warming is not happening I simply cease to be a part of the conversation. Why should I stand there and allow myself to be annoyed by some simpleton. That person may not be the problem, but if he or she is someone who needs to be doing something in response to the warming of the planet to reduce man's input to the problem, and they don't even accept that it is happening, then we are really in trouble.

What could be some of the reasons why someone who is supposed to be intelligent would deny the fact that it is happening? If you have an interest in the coal industry you are being blinded by your financial interest. In your heart of hearts you may quietly realise what is going on, but you are reluctant to take any loss at all by reducing our reliance on coal. There are some very big names in this group who continue to simply close their eyes to what they are helping to happen.

I think that anyone else must be acting out of sheer bloody mindedness that they would rather not face up to the truth of the situation. However, Mother Nature is trying to open our eyes through examples that are crystal clear. Hot winters and even hotter summers should convince us that we are in the warming cycle. Weather has its cycles just as economics has its own.

As if we needed more convincing come the Summer we will probably have to contend with a plague of mosquitoes and flies and cocroches whose numbers were not diminished by the severity of cold weather that was needed, and if last summer was anything to go by we may find this summer to bring  killer heat.

So, inconvenient it may be, but the truth of the matter is that warming of the planet is with us, and it is growing worse by the season.

At some point we will all either take our heads out of the sand and accept the truth, or we will have to bury our whole bodies in the sand just to escape the heat.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael