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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Hardest working woman in the World

A One-Person Army

My wife and I paid a visit to an area just outside the city limits of Barcelona called Alella, where we stayed for a short while in a lovely four-star hotel that is run by a young woman and her husband. The two of them do all that is fundamentally required, except that they have a maintenance man as well on staff. I was so impressed by the multi-tasking of this young woman that I simply must sit here and record her for posterity as The Hardest working woman on the Planet.

We first encountered her when we checked in at five o'clock in the afternoon. We then encountered her again at dinner as she served us our evening meal. She does the accounts for the business, then she changes her hat into that of chambermaid, and behind the scenes she assumes the responsibilities of housekeeper, among other things that means getting the laundry cleaned, which I hope she does by outsourcing it.

As the accountant she will have to deal with the bank and insurance companies, and the government;  any one of these things will tax the patience and resolve of even a person who has nothing else to do.

But, she does have other things that need to be done to maintain the hotel's four star rating, and they will keep her well occupied. However, there she is at breakfast time, ensuring that we are well taken care of, before going off to the office to help us check out.  And so the routine goes, and she maintains a really good sense of humour in spite of the pressures. We should also keep in mind that she is a young woman married to her hard working husband who is primarily the chef.

Did I mention that untill five months ago she was pregant, and now has a lovely little girl to provide care and undivided attention.

I have a new respect. Any man, including her husband would have collapsed long ago!

Copyright (c)  2012   Eugene Carmichael