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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Extreme Weather-The new normal!

Fearsome weather in motion.

It started with the most powerful storm in living memory that hit The Phillippines. We just felt it in our bones that no matter where in the world we lived, that Typhoon (Haiynan) affected us all. It was a sign that awful change was taking place that would eventually encompass the entire world.

For the past two months the people of North America and Canada, Portugal, Spain, Western France, Holland, Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland have been living the nightmare that was beyond our imaginations-conveyor belt massive storms without seeming end. This past week, courtesy of Sky News, we have been locked to our television as they have concentrated on the storms and the effects on the South-West of England. That's my wife's country where we visited last summer. Then, the weather was mostly lovely, and that allowed us to visit Poole, Lyme Regis, Bridgewater, Somerset, and Cornwall. All are now under water with so many places described as such and such on Water, now being under Water.

I grew up on an island that was subject to occasional hurricanes with the attendant stress and loss of property, but usually due to only one passing storm at a time, or a season. Over the many years stress levels are automatically raised upon hearing that a weather depression has formed off the coast of Africa. At that point you start to think, "Oh boy, here we go again!" Now take that attitude and overlay it with the type of experience the people in the countries I have noted above have undergone, and are probably still having to endure and it becomes readily apparent that the worst damage of all is likely to be pyschological. Imagine yourself trying to contain or clean up the damage from storm number one only to realise that another is one the way, and after that there is an endless line of storms coming. How do you not lose your mind?  That is the question?

I am a little embarrassed to say that I live on the eastern coast of Spain, where at times, we have had very sunny and reasonable days while others have suffered so much. However, we can only say that this time we have been lucky, but we know our time is coming.

When we reflect on the history of the changing nature of the world, where in the beginning earth plates were joined up that are now split apart, and where there are now deserts there was once seas, we have to realise that no where is it written that that process of apocalyptic change is over permanently. The problem now is that there are seven billion people everywhere on the planet and when such changes take place they usually result in loss of lives and property. However, Mother Nature does not use the same accounting system that we humans use. She can only sustain just so much in human development. The rest She will destroy as fast as we can build it.

I agree, this is no way to end a column! Sorry about that!

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