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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sexy Equality London Olympics

The Winner!

As I write this, it is Sunday, 11th August, the final day of what I think has been the most superb Olympic games I have ever watched. In spite of my initial concerns, mostly about safety, London, and England in general has loaned itself particularly well as host nation.

Having access to a superb variety of channels has meant delightful viewing, but tomorrow will be Black Monday for TV viewers as we go back to the same non-offerings as before the Olympics. Ho! Hum!

Finally the IOC have taken the bull by the horns and declared that women are free to compete in any and all events that men are, and vice-versa. Presumably, at some time in the future there will be a men's synchronised swimming team. What the IOC ruling has done is to take the lead in elevating the status of women right around the world, forcing men to stretch their minds and get some respect for the women in their midst. I work with a community where we found women were treated like beasts of burden, and that is a very depressing thing.

One of the effects of women in competition in certain of the events affects Muslim women in particular, and their male counterparts. The women have had to deal with the abandonment of their traditional clothing in favor of practical sports attire. In general, these games have been a feast of beautifully toned bodies, legs galore flying up and down and wide open, which I have no doubt has had trillions of men around the world glued to the TV screens muttering, "will you look at that!!!"

Curiously, I don't see these sights as being sexy. Its very much like all those bare lady's breasts on the beach. When there are so many, and none are meant for me to touch it simply becomes scenery. I do admit though that I would rather see such scenery as this than to stare at trees.

My favourite sporting segments were the track and field, and Usain Bolt and Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray, and a whole list of heroes, but for sheer poetry in motion I was enthralled by the Rhythmic Artistic Gymnastics. I'm sure I would have also enjoyed the Synchronised Swimming as well, but I missed it.

Apparently there has been another set of undeclared Olympic games that have been underway running parrallel to the main events. Judging by the report of Durex, supplier of condoms to the games, more than 150,000 have been made available for the athletes, which gives weight to my theory of the best way to celebrate your new gold medal.

So, as the games draw to a close I take my hat off to all concerned and offer my appreciation to the Olympics for superb wholesome entertainment. The problem I am left with is that I have been sitting in front of my TV for so long I have become fat. So, now I arise to power walk, run a mile, cycle (with motor, of course), swim around our very little pool, ( I won't bother with high jump, or anything high as I just don't do that), and generally try to get back into some sort of shape.

Perhaps I'll just leave my dial set to Euro Sports to watch all the re-runs with best of....and Highlights of the Olympics for the next four years.

Rio!  I'll be waiting!

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael