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Monday, May 28, 2012

It's That Time Again!

President Barack Obama
44th President of The United States of America

The race for the White House in November, 2012 has begun in earnest. You don't have to be an American to be interested in how the presidential elections will turn out. In the past this topic had become a great bore, but never again. The old criteria has been thrown out, that said that you could only occupy the Oval Office if you were white and male. Going forward, the American elector will choose based on the best person for the job at the time, whether black, white, male or female.

I am not an American, so I will write as a person independent of thought, which should be refreshing because in the United States, that is something very rare. I am, however, a black man, and that does influence my opinion somewhat, but not as a Democrat or Republican. I have to say that I was very pleased for America that the Democratic Party chose Mr. Obama as its nominee. That alone moved the Black Race, and America forward by a quantum leap. However, I really was uncomfortable that he might win the White House at a time when the economy of the United States was in such a perilous state.

To use the Titanic analogy, the great ship of state was resting with its bow under water and its stern rising into the air. Had the ship sunk on his watch, he, and black people everywhere would have been given the blame forever.

He was elected, and he has conducted himself in a presidential manner, and he and his team have brought the bow up above water and they are valiantly attempting to settle the ship on an even keel. Whomever serves for the next four years will have to continue this work. It must be done.

The challenges facing the United States, and the world are overwhelming. The new man always comes in with great gusto and hope, expecting to achieve miracles. Perhaps this is as it should be. Then he bumps into reality. If he inherits an up cycle in the economy, all he has to do is avoid doing something stupid that will derail the growth. When things are heading South, that is when the test will be endured.

As stated, President Obama has been functioning in a proper presidential-like manner, and his administration, and his personal conduct have been free of sleaze and scandal. He has taken on and succeeded in a few things that stand to his credit, so personally I can say that in my opinion he has been the perfect first Afro-American President and he has made me proud.

I will not say who I think should be elected to the White House in November, that is a matter for the electorate. I'm very sure that Americans will simply vote for whom they think will take the country forward for the next four years without other artificial criteria. That, at the very least is one of President Barack Obama's finest legacies.

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene  Carmichael