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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Describe Life!

How will I recognize you in your future life?

The assumption is that you and I were here before, and that upon our "deaths" we will go forward to assume our new lives. So, firstly, we need a definition for life.

Perhaps, many people might choose to say that life is the ability to animate ourselves. During sleep we dream, and throughout our waking hours we loosely follow some sort of routine. That's a given!  However, it is my beleif that nature recycles our valuable bits. Once we throw off the vehicle in which we move around in, our talents, our accumulated knowledge, our spirits and our souls get passed on to other bodies. I think that Nature is far too thrifty and prudent to simply throw away perfectly good bits, and to start from scratch everytime a baby is born.

We can see examples of this, especially when we examine the performing arts society. The most stunning example for me is that of  Amira Willighagen, a nine year old Dutch girl, (find her on YouTube) who is just an ordinary youngster, execpt when she sings. When Amira sings she changes into Maria Callas. She was given the great gift of song that was so well used to thrill audiences for many years. What a waste that would have been had that talent died with Ms. Callas.

My own grandson, Ramon, is a world class singer. He was given that gift by his grandmother who had been a wonderful singer, but who, unfortunately died prematurely at the age of forty-two. I am able to recognize her in her continuing life in my grandson.

As fellow spirits who have passed through the death archway, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to visually recognize anyone whom we knew in this life because, of course we leave behind our costumes. The question is: how then will I know you?

From every day life, all of us have defining characters that say who and what we are, and that includes the good and the very, very bad among us.  At the very core of a person is that person's real bedrock life stem, around which everything else rotates. If you are my friend and I know you well, to the extent that I know you to be fundamentally a good and loving person with a kind and generous nature, I could identify your spirit in the afterlife by those attributes. If the absolute opposite is the case, well then, you would not be a friend of mine, but I might be able to identify you from your press.

However, I doubt that all your salvageable parts would go to one person. It's more probable that your bits will be farmed out to different destinations, with perhaps your soul or your spirit serving as a guardian angel to someone. I personally have two guardian/guiding angels that are with me 24/7. On my right shoulder sits a female who gives me wonderful advice. She clearly has my very best interests in mind. I think I know who she is. On my left shoulder sits a male. I have no idea who he is, however, he has a tremendous sense of humour, and although I could not say that he deliberately tries to make trouble for me, nontheless I do get into trouble by listening to him.

For instance, when I was a teenager, one of the girls from the neighbourhood asked me directly: "Do you like me?" My right shoulder angel said, now be honest when you answer the question. My left shoulder said, "Well, that would be fine if your answer is yes, but if you don't like this girl you have to be diplomatic about it. You just can't say No! I do not. That would not be gentlemenly of you." Needless to say this did not work out well for me at all.

Wouldn't it be great if there is life after death, as it seems to be, and that it were eternal and variable? That would be the best kind of eternal life there could be.

Copyright (c) 2014   Eugene Carmichael