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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thoroughly Modern Women

Women who celebrate being female, and who absolutely enjoy sex.

In England a man is currently on trial on a charge of rape. He is fighting for his liberty and dignity that will depend on whether the jury has a modern view of women, or not.

The facts are that the man attended his club's ball without a date, and on leaving he encountered a women at the exit who asked whether he was going her way because she appeared to need a drive home. She and her husband had had a tiff, and he had gone off without her. The man answered that he would be very happy to drive her home, wherever she lived. They never left the parking lot, because on the way to his car, with both people steady on their feet and apparently in control of their speech, she suddenly said: "I want to be fucked tonight..hard! Are you the man for the job?"

He had never seen the woman before, and was dumbfounded, so she gave him a thump and asked again, "Are you the man for the job?" There are men who would say, "Sorry Darling, but no I'm not!" But then, they would go on to say, "I'm looking for the same thing myself."  I simply cannot think of a man, other than perhaps a religious priest, who wouldn't answer, "Of course!"  He may absolutely hate himself afterwards, but even his wife would have to understand.

So she took off her panties and the man gave a good accounting of himself in his car, until another man came up and interrupted, saying, "I say there old boy, what ever are you doing to my wife? That's hardly cricket!" I'm paraphrasing the husband, but it would have been words to that effect.

She then said, "Oh Dear, there you are. This man is raping me!"  And on the basis of that he is now facing years in jail.

The jury must now decide whether a woman would confront a total stranger with such a demand of him. This is a conundrum. If the jury is made up of all women, they could understand the mind of a fellow woman, but men on the jury, thinking of their own dear wives, and forgetting all about the romping they did together when they were single, may want to think that women are dainty things that must be protected at all times, and that butter is difficult to melt in their mouths.

Women are, and have always been fully functioning human beings with similar desires and needs as men. Societal conventions may insist on leaving it to men to take the lead, and for men to be seen as doing sexual things to women, but the facts are that women who are not otherwise artifically constricted want to enjoy sex, rather than to see it as a duty.

There are prostitutes who use sex as a business, but get no enjoyment from it. There are housewives and girlfriends who submit to their men while gritting their teeth; and then there are women who insist on sex on their own terms. They want it when they are ready; they want to be a full partner in the act; they want at least one orgasm from it; and they sometimes want to engage in out of the ordinary activities in search of that orgasm. At the end of the evening they want to be able to look back on the night and declare, "That was great!"

I know such women exist, and I can believe that the woman who is pressing charges of rape would have been capable of  making such a demand, and is only pressing a rape charge because she was caught by her husband. It is one of the curses of being a man that we are so easily manipulated by sex. Women know it is as easy to make us hard as flipping on a light switch, or turning us off as well. I don't like that about myself.

The man at the centre of this problem is just unfortunate to have been the one chosen. Any other man could just as well be in his place. Hope he enjoyed what little he got of it!

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael