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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Honour Murder!

I watched the news report that in Canada, an Afghan family consisting of father, mother and son were convicted of killing the couple's three teenage daughters and an adult woman, because, according to the prosecution, the girls insisted on following a Westernized lifestyle.

My immediate reaction was, if the man didn't want his daughters to be influenced by the West, why did he bring them to the West? That made me so furious because it seemed to me to be the height of stupidity, and in stupidity there is not even a scintilla of honour to be found.

As I calmed down I went on the Internet to research the subject, and what I found has left me gobsmacked. So much so, I don't even know where to begin. I suppose I could say that it amazes me that people leave their own country to go and live in another, only to then reject the culture of their adopted homeland. However, those countries that colonized other people's countries did it, as do people from the colonies who choose to live in the homeland of their occupiers.  Stupidity!

I left my native Bermuda to live in Spain for the change. Here, we live in and amongst the Spanish, and we explore their customs, some of which we adopt, others, like bullfighting we stay away from. We use the Spanish language as much as we can, and generally it can be said that we have thoroughly integrated. We are happy and comfortable with our choice. Should that change we will simply leave.

All around us we can see evidence of people who live only on the fringe of Spanish society, but on the face of things they seem to be living their lives in peace. Beyond that I cannot say, but from what I have now discovered through my reasearch I should not be surprised when some family feel they have to murder their own children.

In the West the concept of killing your children to try and redeem the honour you think has been lost through your children's ideas and behaviour, is something quite shocking. In our eyes, the effect is the complete opposite. You are a murderer and you belong alongside our own loathsome criminals who murdered their own children for no reason at all, other than the children got on their nerves.

It is very disturbing to realise that the practise is on the increase in the West, but, as terrible a thing it may be to say, these families are eradicating their own kind who will not bring into the world even more of their own to perpetuate this odious theme that says to the children, you must OBEY absolutely or we will stamp you out. When they do this they cut off their own noses to spite their own faces.

Nothing anybody else has to say will have any impact on these people. Only education can turn things around. We in the West have finally learned that our children are not really ours, in the sense that they are not our property. They must live their own lives, we can only tell them the way we think they should go, then we let them go to sink or swim.

The sooner the families who are afflicted with the insane notion of what constitutes honour, learn this lesson, the better.

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael