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Saturday, June 3, 2017

America's Cup, Number 35 Bermuda continues

I'm sitting here in my Spanish home just aching because I would really like to be in Bermuda at this moment. For the past week sailing has been going great with only one day when winds were too light to race. However, the weather has been glorious and Bermuda has looked just wonderful on television.

We can see many of the private ocean going yachts in the background, as well as regularly scheduled cruise ships at dock. Today, the 3rd of June there are nineteen Tall Ships in Bermuda as a salute to America's Cup as they partake in their own Ronde-Vouz 2017 event. Somehow I had the impression that there would only be four, but the number is nineteen.

Meanwhile, on shore there are all sorts of complimentary events celebrating the presence of so much excitement from abroad that it must be difficult to know where to look. America's Cup is being broadcast throughout 165 locations around the world and it is estimated that more than one billion people have their eyes focused firmly upon my tiny but oh so beautiful Bermuda home.

You guessed it, I'm proud to be a Bermudian!

I trust you are enjoying the event from wherever you are viewing it and I offer my best wishes to organisers and participants for good luck and smooth sailing.

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Eugene Carmichael