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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Arnold's Dilemma

Most men will likely tell you that Arnold Schwarzenegger is "The Man!"  His life story reads likes the very best "rags to riches" tale that was ever told. Men really admire the guy, and women, if he asked them nicely, would probably agree to "at least once, Arnie!"

I'm turning my attention to Arnold at this time because he has written a book, called "Total Recall," in which he  details his life's journey through to the "stupidest thing that he ever did in his life."

In case there is one reader who doesn't know, Arnold was born in Austria. His dream was to move to America to persue his talent as a bodybuilder. He went on to become, perhaps the most successful movie star in American history. Having tired of that, or having simply wanting to do something more substantial, he campaigned for the office of California Governor, and won, becoming the 38th governor from 2003 till 2011.

However, before that he moved in circles that did him no harm, to the extent that he married the niece of the late President Kennedy, in a marriage that lasted 25 years.

This is where it perhaps all turns wrong, because for all men who are fabulously famous, and rich and handsome, they paint themselves in a corner. They are admired by men, and adored by women, many of whom would consider it a great honour to be laid by someone of such stature. However, if you are such a person who has made the committment to a woman, you are expected to behave in accordance with the norms of society.

You may indeed be invited by lots of women,, and, of course there is your male ego urging you on, but it is not right, and anyway, you can't be seen going in or out of motels, or the rooms of delicious females, because there are those photographers, the paparezzi who would love to get "the shot" that will put lots of money in their pocket.

There is one way that you can have sex without too much hassle. Hire the right housekeeper, and especially if your wife is agreeable, then everything could be lovely. Arnold admits to a long standing relationship with his housekeeper, although there is no suggestion that his wife was aware, and that produced a son that is fathered by Arnold but the woman's husband is named as the father. I have no way of knowing this, but I suspect that "the women of the house" all across the country are looking at their housekeepers with a jaundiced eye.

This is more a tale of woe about The Hollywood Man, than specifically about Arnold. It's a tale about the "Not-so Tender Trap."  If you are Joe, the plumber, you can live your life being loyal to your wife and enjoying all that's good about married life without the hassle of women throwing themselves at you. Not so, if you are in the glamour business, and married. It takes a very strong willed man to treat the business as simply a career, and ignore all the perks.

By published accounts, Arnold was no angel, even having six women accuse him of sexual misconduct, and another claiming that she carried on an affair while he was with his wife. So, why his wife decided to make a break as a result of his love-child is not completely clear. However, everybody has their own breaking point.

In 1984, Arnold made his signature film, The Terminator, which followed him into politics where he was known as The Governator. His signature sentence is, "I'll be back!"  After losing your wife of 25 years, that may be something really difficult to come back from. He seems to really be feeling the loss as something like that is truly significant.

When the time comes for Arnold, as it surely will for us all to kick the bucket, it's no big thing to predict what the inscription will be on his tombstone:  "I'LL BE BACK!

That should scare the bejeesus out of everybody who reads it.

Copyright (c) 2012   Eugene Carmichael