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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some Post Valencia Porno Exhibition Thoughts!

My most enduring image

It has been a week since I visited the Porno Fair in Valencia, and during the week I have been having lingering thoughts. I suspect that everybody who attended has been having the same experience. So many people took pictures on their smart phones and cameras that I can only imagine that those have been shown near and far, prompting much discussion.

The event was shocking, which is why I attended. It was a once-in-my-lifetime exposure as a live presentation, so it is no wonder I am still reeling from the sights and sounds. There is a popular image of men going into theatres showing triple-X rated films wearing raincoats, but no-one wore a raincoat that day, even though it was threatening to rain. In my opinion there was absolutely no need. What I found there was not at all a sexy, arousing show,  but rather a cold, clinical, soulless, passion-less demonstration of naked female bodies, gyrating, and thrusting, and inserting rubber things in full view, that frankly, it was just too much for my sensual nature to process.

I am only speaking for myself, of course, because these are my  own observations that are driven by the type of person I am. Who am I? I am a seventy-four year old man who was born at a time when women were respected, appreciated as our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and lovers. Always I thought of the female as a very special and mysterious person. I never intruded on the privacy of a female who I felt, always needed her space.

Women thought differently than I did and went through a much different process in growing up. There were aspects to a female that were private to her, and even as my lover I gave her space. Mystery was the secret factor that drove my fascination, and my attitude towards a woman was that I should behave much differently than otherwise in her presence.

Then came Playboy and Penthouse and suddenly a glaring light was turned on, and I found myself blinking and staggering by some of the pictures. It was a bad thing but I didn't have the power to turn away. With each new issue I felt that something was dying, and that the Magic was slipping away. The female was being revealed in a manner that should never have been, and worst of all, I was a victim, not a winner.

It seems that society holds that a woman is fully equal with a man, and that we can work in the same workplace, and that we can use the same foul language if we choose, and enjoy the same types of entertainment, and be equal in every way. How can I take issue with this philosophy?  It certainly sounds reasonable, But...........

I didn't enjoy the Porn Fair. When I left it was because I was bored, and that is the worst reason of all. There was only one thing that I did enjoy. That was a pole dance done by a girl who was extremely acrobatic and accomplished. The thing that was most noteworthy was that she was wearing a bikini.

Less is more! 

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