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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Social networkmarketing and FGxpess

People helping People

Call it what you will: MultiLevelmarketing, Networkmarketing or Social networking, the system is as old as mankind. It is where a manufacturer chooses to distribute his products directly to the market using thousands of individuals who all operate their own business. Instead of dedicating money to advertising his products, or placing them in stores to compete with others, he uses that money to compensate individual production.

On the other side of the scale there are no end to individuals willing to sell the product for the manufacturer. For some people these opportunities are a chance  to shine. These are the people who make it to the Gold Club, The Sapphire Club and beyond. I often think that big time drug dealers would be fabulously successful in selling personal lines of legitimate products, but they chose to go in a diferent direction.

Networkmarketing is a numbers game, so to begin with a wide client base is needed. Secondly, the product is all important. Ideally it should be an outstanding and iconic sort of product that appeals to a majority of the world's population. It's true that certain types of implusive products, and particularly beauty products move well. The household companies of Tupperware and Avon were early leaders in this type of marketing. They have been very successful, and they made it a fun way to earn a living for their consultants.

However, the sad truth is that far too many people who begin to distribute a product end in failure. Retail selling is not easy and requires a lot of staying power. It also requires a lot of rejection stamina, because you will get a lot of people to say , "No thanks!" However, you have to get past them to get to the people who will say, "Yes!" So, retail selling is not for everybody.

Now, there is a new kid on the block. This new company has a product to sell, however, unless you are a pharmacy you cannot actually sell the product as it is a medical device. I can only give it away for people to try. It's a patch to apply to the body where pain is being radiated, and the patch usually brings temporary pain relief. It is classified as a medical device and can be bought over the counter, or directly from the company. So, imagine I give you one of these patches that are called a Power Strip, and it works fabulously well.  you are likely to want more. In order for you to get more I have to introduce you to the company so that you can buy your own. If you join the company I receive a payment for introducing you.

Then, if like me you decide to make a business of doing this, I will assist you to grow your business. In so doing, we are exposing a lot of people to a wonderful new product that brings pain relief; and we are finding self-employment for a lot of people who might otherwise be unemployed, or under-employed. Once those people have money in their pocket their lives return to normal and the whole economic cycle heads in an upward direction.

How noble is that? I am 75 years of age, but faced with this opportunity I regard it to be so good, and important, that I have entered into my own business at this time in my life. However, I hope, and expect to be around well past 100 years of age, so there's lots of time to become an overnight success.

You may be a person like myself who has tried over and over to make a success from networkmarketing. I have put in the effort everytime only to drop it. This time I believe this is the one. I hope I am like Mr Seven-Up. I'm sure he  felt like just scrapping the whole idea with his Six-Up offering, which didn't work. Fortunately he tried again.

I think it was Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of Great Britain who said, " Don't Quit. Don't ever, ever, ever, Quit!"

Good advice!

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