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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Sexy-Less Woman

A beautiful woman is just that. She turns heads when she passes, and in spite of the golden rule of not judging a book by its cover, our first impression as men is that we want her. The fact is that every woman is a beautiful woman in the eys of the man who finds value in her. In fact, the woman whose beauty is on the surface should be less desirable than the ordinary woman. It's tough having a woman who is stunningly beautiful because you know that every man wants her for himself.

When she says she is going to the hairdressers, do you believe her? When she says she is having lunch with her girlfriend, should you believe her? This causes insecurity and leads to discord in the relationship.

As young men and women, we are programmed instinctively to search out someone with whom to procreate the species. Women are more selective than men. We are the lions of the human world, and if we had our choice we would go about sowing our seeds indiscrimately. For us this is a major problem because life doesn't work that way. Once we help to start a new life, consideration must be given to its care and maintenance. In the Western world the norm is that one man and one woman should come together and rasie a family.

Although I'm talking about the relationships between a man and a woman, the same can be said about same-sex couples. They want the same things, although with some modifications on how to go about getting it.

The point I'm getting at is that a man is driven by his sexual urge and his whole life is about sex. In fact, it is to such an extent that it becomes a real problem, as we've seen in some well publicised cases.

Then, all of a sudden the urge just stops. You may be surrounded by women but somehow they've changed. Your eyes still see what there is to see. Beautiful faces, lovely boobs, hips and bums that move ever so jelly-like, but there's something seriously missing. There's no stirring in the groin, no panting wish to posses her, no nothing. You simply say, "Hello", without having to think of the follow up line that catches her attention.

As a man you have spent your life doing your bit to procreate in your image, but now your time has come to relax. Well done, my son. It's time to hang up your skates and let the younger generation take over the responsibility. So now, women no longer have to be pursued by you. Early in my life every girl I spent time with resulted in sex before the evening was over. Then came change. I spent an evening with a lovely person, and at the point where I would start my seduction I said to her, "would you mind if we simply said goodnight at this point. I would really like to have sex with you, but let's get to know one another a little better."  She replied, with evident relief, "that's a very good idea!"  For the rest of the night I asked myself, " what just happened??"

Now that we are a lot older, when the urge leaves us we change from being the eternal sex machine to a simple decent human being. At first, some of us may look at things slightly different, such as wishing that our Pilates teacher would give the class naked. Or perhaps the woman police office who arrested us did so in her panties and bra. But in time we get over that.

This is the time in our lives when women become unsexy. They become people who are talented and intelligent and capable of achieving great things. Not once do they have to bother about doing the sex thing, and we respect them.

Then, there's that group who are never contented. That's that viagra generation who say,"shucks, I'm just getting started."  I guess hope springs eternal.

Copyright (c) 2015  Eugene Carmichael