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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Ever Evolving World!

This browser address will take you to a video entitled "The World is Changing:" In fact ever since The Big Bang the world has never stopped changing. If we, as people, do not change with the world we simply get left behind.

This is about the changes that overcome cultures. Allegedly, mankind began in Africa. One village would invade another, killing all the men and taking the women and cattle for themselves. Europe got in on the act and colonised other people's countries, and boasted about it; such as the sun never sets on our empire.

A recent study took note of the modern changes that are taking place. The study noted that for a country to maintain its culture it has to first ensure that its bloodline is reproduced at a minimum rate of 2.11 children per couple. Less than that and the country's bloodline will fall behind and never be able to be brought back. With this in mind the study noted the following:

France has an average birth rate of only 1.8 children per couple.
England's rate is 1.6
Greece and Germany's rates are 1.3 each.
Italy stands at 1.2
Spain, a Catholic country only reproduces children at 1.1 per couple.
The average for all of the 31 countries of Europe is only 1.38

However, the study noted that population growth in all the above countries has been increasing due to much needed immigration. The principal immigrant is a Muslim. The fertility rate within the Muslim community is quite vigorous, simply because of their lifestyle. For instance, it appears that while France's own fertility rate stands at 1.8, the Muslims within France are reproducing at a rate of 8.1 per couple. The simple mathematics lead us to expect that by 2025 France will be an Islamic republic. In fact, if there is no change, by 2025 one-third of all children born in Europe will be Muslims. That will mean goodbye to Europe as we know it.

As far as religion is concerned, the Catholic church has noted that Islam have drawn equal with more or less the same number of members, but that in only five to seven years Islam will be the dominant world religion. That is being achieved without guns. That is simply the result of each couple getting busy in bed.

I have no doubt that Islam would like to have a dominant position throughout the world. I also think that the Chinese would like the same thing. We certainly can observe this happening in an economic way. It gets especially interesting when a Chinese person is also a Muslim.

So, perhaps we need to be nicer to our future rulers. At present countries are demanding that certain Muslim customs are not to be allowed within Europe. Whose country is this anyway?

Evolution suggests that the answer to that question is only temporary!

Copyright (c) 2014    Eugene Carmichael