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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Beloved Austin Mini

I noticed something quite interesting about the size of vehicles that we drive or ride. Try to follow me in this thesis:

Drivers of large trucks, buses, JCBs, Mega earth moving equipment, etc all have something in common, in that they are generally very careful while in motion. They have to be due to the sheer size of the equipment under their control. There is no room for mistakes, but mistakes do happen and when they do the results are jaw dropping.

If the driver of an artuculated truck with eighteen wheels turns a corner just a little too fast, over goes the truck with the potential for killing others on the road, and spilling the cargo. If the driver of a bus with a full load does something silly he risks killing his entire cargo of passengers. Large earth moving vehicles operate on terain that is not firm to begin with, so it is in their own personal interest to be very, very careful.

However, truck drivers learnt a valuable lesson from a calamity that occurred because of the habit of driving in convoy, nose-to-tail. When the lead vehicle got into trouble that trouble resulted in closing the A7 for many hours, such was the mess. The message is clear: Keep your distance!

Moving now to the Medium size vehicle, the family saloon, here is where we find, on a numerical basis the class of vehicle that produces the most road fatalities. This is because of the variety of drivers behind the wheel and the potential to do some stupid things. However, within this group there are some exceptions when it comes to the cause of accidents. I don't think that I have ever heard of the driver of a Rolls Royce being the cause of an accident, period! Volvos, Mercedes, Range Rovers, Jaguars, and a few other car brands are conspicious by their absence in being the cause of accidents.

However, there is a class of vehicle that is very suspect for its potential to be involved in the cause of car crashes because they almost beg to be driven too fast. At the top of my list is the beloved Austin Mini. The sensation to me of driving a Mini is that of driving a Go-Cart. It is so small and compact, and so quick that it takes a very responsible person to go lightly on the gas pedal. This car, and the group of Seat cars and others of a similar size are classed in the Small size. They all are a big tease to their drivers and unfortunately not all drivers are sufficiently mature enough to handle the provocation. There is one insurance company that will offer cover only if you are 50 years or older.

Motorcycles are a special study unto themselv,es. It is no wonder that medical staffs call them donor cycles. Something to keep in mind when strapping on a helmet. If you are going to ride a motorcycle, at least wear a reflective vest so that you can be seen to be safe.

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