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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Parents in Disgrace

I have to shine some light on a story that broke during the past ten days which reflects very badly on parents at a school in Mallorca attending their children's little league football game. As too often happens the fathers disagree with a call by the referee and that starts a melee.

This particular group of parents were not the first to do this, and sadly they will not be the last. I understand how tempers become frayed very quickly when your child is involved. These are not bad people doing bad things; they are mothers and fathers losing their usual cool where they think their children are getting a raw deal. I get that and I am not putting my oar in to cry them down. That would be too easy and assumes I'm more holy than everyone else.

I have never made a spectacle of myself at one of my son's games, I am glad to say, so I don't have empathy from that angle, but I do understand that little league games come with a high degree of emotions from all parents and I think it should be recognized when attending said games and resolving to control one's self. It's bad enough when supporting your adult home team.

A group of parents fighting in front of their children makes for really horrible television, let alone setting a really bad example for the children. This group of parents were hauled before a judge and were given the "opportunity" to apologise for their behaviour. Most did so with arms firmly crossed across their bodies indicating to me that their voices did not correspond with their body language.

After that nasty event they must now go back to working in cooperation with the teachers in the making of policy for the wellbeing of the school. How's that going to work? I think it will take some cool heads to prevail but parents you must remember to bring out your best effort in being a mature adult and to put this sad episode behind you.  

When your children are engaged in competitive events we need to remember that they are the children and you are their parents with sophistication and maturity. Try, try, and  try very hard to let that come shining through.

Do it for your children!

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Eugene Carmichael

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