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Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's El Gordo Time again

The annual EL Gordo fever is growing as we approach December 22nd, 2016. That's the day that the draw will take place for the greatest lottery in the world. It is so great because it offers a real  chance to an unknown quantity of people to win some usable quantities of money, but no one walks away with one or two hundred million euros. This is simply because no-one needs to win that much money.

When ordinary people win such huge amounts of money they are presented with an equally huge problem in that they will need to conserve and manage such a gargantuan windfall, and the average person will have no idea how to do that. (Usually the aftermath makes very grim reading indeed.)  Anyway, if we win more than 15 million euros we will have more than our fair and reasonable share of good luck. There will be many, many people who will not agree with me, but that's my opinion.

By the unrestrained joy that is unleashed on that day throughout the country, and the world I think the vast majority would agree with me. Don't be greedy-think of the other needy neighbours. I am betting on one major roll of the dice. I have chosen our number and I have put enough money on it so that if the number comes up for first prize I will be set for the rest of my life with money left over to continue to help my family. If not, and if the number is not called at all I lose 200 euros - again.

There is a movie presently playing that has a terrific story line: a number of men holding a specific number who live in a small mountain village win first prize in El Gordo. The problem is that these tickets were only sold in a nearby brothel, so they are absolutely toxic. You can claim your prize with anonyminity, but you cannot use the money in any real way without giving the game away. I wonder how that ends?

So, on the 22nd December, from early morning I shall be stuck in front of the TV from the starting bell just in case our number comes up. I am the treasurer of our consortium of about 3000 people, and it will be my job to see that all are paid in a timely fashion. This will be a really nice problem to have and I would absolutely love the challenge.

Please wish me luck...the good kind.

Thank you.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael

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