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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Police vs The People

There are two types of people who are drawn to join police forces all over the world. The first type are those public spirited individuals who want to genuinely serve and protect their fellow citizens. These are people who look forward to joining their local force, to learn as much as they can in their police academy, and then they want to go out into the community to uphold the law in a fair and human manner.

These will be those officers who are given respect and cooperation by the public and they become pillars of the community to whom people look up to for guidance and wisdom. Ideally, such officers will never have to fire their weapons in anger.

Unfortunately, the other type of recruit is a person who is probably mentally sick as he is a control freak. This type of person should be turned away at the beginning as he will be the source of many problems in the community and a pain in the ass for the force itself. Generally he is welcomed with open arms.

He is a cancer within the force. His style of policing will be abrasive and aggressive and embarrassing, but when a moderate policeman says something to challenge him that person gets dumped upon by all the officers of a similar persuasion. The facts are that such controlists  are likely to be a majority because the police are in charge as they go about their daily tasks and they must exercise control.

Fundamentally, when we are confronted by the police we should be respectful and cooperative. When a policemen tells us to do something we should follow his instruction immediately. If he demands that we do something that is unlawful, or that is harmful to us we can challenge that in a court of law. To make matters worse he is also an officer of the court, but there are times when the court will turn against him and even send him to jail for having acted unlawfully.

Such a person is in fact a dictator who becomes accustomed to having his every word obeyed, both by members of the public and his own family. If he is a person who is a racist, which is very likely, that adds an element that is extremely explosive.

Then comes the final element that completes the description of a walking time bomb: he is given a gun.

In the United States it appears that there is a strategy against the black man to place as many behind bars as is possible, or to simply gun them down in the street at the hands of the police. It would appear that all certain policemen needs is the least resistance to their own barbaric behaviour and they shoot first and expect to be vindicated by more senior officers who are a part of the same mindset.

These things are done in the face of America's first black president, seemingly as a form of showing him the finger.

So, blacks are starting to push back by shooting policemen in cold blood. Perhaps that can be understood, but not only will the controlists police not back down, they will likely step up their game. They have more guns and ammo, and they have authority.

Focus needs to be placed upon those who control the policemen in the street to reign them in. If they are unable to do so then they should be removed until people are found to control the controlists.

Policemen in America shoot and kill white people as well as blacks, but the situation is so bad for blacks that people have had to come forward to remind America that Black Lives Matter as well as white lives.

The police against the public is normal: We can only hope we don't have the misfortune to run into the very sick one. A war against the police can only have dire consequences, and unfortunately that war has already begun.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael

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