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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Some people do the strangest things

A husband and wife set off on a luxury cruise that didn't go well for them. They argued and fought every day, especially on the last day ashore before the ship was due to return. The wife declared, "if that's how you feel leave me alone!" With that she walked off on her own leaving her husband with no idea where she was.

He returned to the ship and assumed that she had come on board and was somewhere within the ship sulking on her own. She wasn't. She was sitting on the beach thinking what a terrible man he was and feeling sorry for herself. As she sat there she noticed a huge cruise ship leaving the island and realised, to her horror that it was the ship she was supposed to be on. What she did next comes under the heading: "Some people do the strangest things!"

There was no-one else on the beach, they were all on the ship. So, she started shouting wait for me, and waving her arms, which people on the ship took to be very friendly gestures, so they waved back. The ship continued on and eventually sailed out of her sight. By this time she was desperate. She was yelling to her "awful" husband to come back. Don't leave me! Then, she jumped into the water while holding on to her handbag.

She swan after the ship and was in the water for four hours as the sun was going down. Two fishermen, returning from a fruitless day at sea happened to be travelling directly for where she was and almost ran her over. She was exhausted by then, but in one last desperate effort to be heard yelled at the top of her lungs, Help! The captain had to throw the engine in reverse as there was not space and time to avoid running over her.


"Lady, what are you doing out here? Did you fall off the cruise ship? You say you were swimming to try and catch it. Ah, I see."

Among that fishing fraternity this counts as the very strangest catch in history. In the annals of that island community there is nothing that tops that story when it comes to strange behaviour.

The only thing that saved her life was her handbag that acted as an improvised life preserver as it filled with air to keep her afloat.

Presumably husband and wife were reunited at some point, although for how long is anybody's guess.

Copyright (c) 2016
Eugene Carmichael

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