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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Petra and Alexis

Although I have given them fictitious names Petra and Alexis are mother and daughter and this is a true story.

Petra was born in a North American mid-sized town and, according to her she had a perfectly normal upbringing, except for one small thing: she grew into a super beauty and that had people saying yes even though she did not ask the questions. The most eligible bachelor asked her to marry him, and she said, "yes, of course I'll be your trophy wife." They lived in a perfect house on a perfect housing estate, and they gave birth to their perfect daughter, Alexis, who grew up to be even more lovely than her mom.  Petra was on all the right committees and they all lived perfect lives.

Her husband went on to become the most important banker to the medium sized town, and they had a housekeeper, a nanny for Alexis, and a gardener. All was just super until the day husband came home from work to find a note from Petra which stated that he should not wait up for her as she had gone to
search for a real life.

She ended up on the island of Bermuda, and with secretarial skills she had learned to help her with her committee work she took a job working for, ironically, a bank. Every man dreamed of taking her home and every woman was jealous of her exquisite beauty. She caught the eye on one man in particular who decided that he just had to have her. He was a married man living at home, but that was a minor detail. Petra, who could have had any man of her choice allowed herself to be this man's "bit on the side." Worse than that, he was an abuser who would beat her because she had no right to be so beautiful.

I was introduced to her by a friend who had tried unsuccessfully to turn her away from her abuser. I was just as awed as everybody else, but I was also very patient, plus I genuinely liked her. "Turn your back on that horrible man and give me your sweet loving," I would urge her.

Meanwhile, her daughter had come to Bermuda to be near her mom. She was given a job at a bar/restaurant by the owner who wanted her for himself. She opened herself to him and they lived and worked together.

After several years of my persuasion, one night while embracing her, Petra whispered in my ear that tonight's the night. She said that she was ready for me and that I should take her and do whatsoever I wished to do. I had a heart attack, but I didn't let that stop me. We became lovers and I was so very happy right until the day she returned to North America, and I later lost touch with her.

I was at work when the phone rang. It was Alexis saying that her mother had suggested she call me. Alexis had fallen out with her lover/boss, owing $3000. She had nowhere to stay, could I possibly help her as she had no-one else to turn to. I lived alone and did not have a fixed relation at the time, so sure, I could help.

That evening I took her home and showed her the house. There was only one bed in the whole house because when I brought a woman home it was so that we could sleep together. I was not going to sleep on the couch and neither was she. Did she have a problem with that? She whispered, unhappily, that she did not. I said, "you have come to me in desperation for me to take care of you, and you need to pay off the $3000. I could lend her the money, but did she expect that I would fully take advantage of the situation?" Again, unhappily she said she guessed that would have to be the price she would have to pay.

"Well, I'm not going to abuse you and take you against your will. We will live here for as long as you need to, and I will leave your dignity intact. If I were to do anything else your mother would have my guts for garters!"

She stayed for three months until she found a job at a hotel that had staff dormitories. On the morning of the day she left, over breakfast she said that I had promised not to interfere with her and that I had kept my promise. She said that she knew she aroused me because several nights she was awakened by my erection poking her in the back. She said that on a couple of nights she had the feeling that she should have made the first move, (Oh man!) but she didn't because there must have been something serious that made me honour my promise.

I said that if I had taken her at a time when she really didn't have free choice it would have amounted to rape in my mind, and no-one would ever have cause to accuse me of such a thing. However, had she taken the first move that would have been just fine. Although we thought about it we didn't finish breakfast with a quickie.

She repaid me the $3,000, part of which she had to send me from abroad as she left the island at the end of the Summer season. 

From time to time I reflect on my life and the things I have done that make me proud, and the things I am not so proud of. This was one of the things of which I am super proud. For three months I slept with the most beautiful woman on the planet, who I could have taken at will, and who I came to really like. I never touched her sexually because of my principles.

Sometimes principles can be a real pain in the ass!

(c) Copyright 2016
Eugene Carmichael 

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