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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

A man once said that we men make a great mistake when we tell a woman that we love her because she will find an inexhaustible number of ways to make us prove it every day for the rest of our lives.

Having said that ladies, when you tell us that you love us, Heaven knows you must come to regret it in so many ways because we can be a real test of your resolve.

Love is the great leveller of men and women. We meet someone, or even just see that person passing in the street and something happens to us over which we have no control. We fall hard, head over heels in love, or in the case of women, perhaps heels over head in love, and we have no idea why. They say that opposites attract, which means that we will spend the rest of our lives in mortal combat with one another. In a word, falling in love means falling in a lot of trouble. It's a honey trap to both men and women, and trying to avoid it is like trying to avoid breathing. You can achieve the objective, but then you die.

Well, those are all the bad things I can think of to say about falling in love, but once we are in love the joy and the feeling of being alive is without parrallel. When two people are purring along in perfect sync all is definiately right with the entire world. There is no other feeling that can compare. We soar like eagles and we are truly kings and queens of the world. Stand well clear of our coming crash zone, as crash we will, but for the time we are sailing up in the clouds we are the happiest we will ever be.

As men and women we are put here on earth to do our part in the furtherence of the species, so all this feel good experience is simply the setting for us to procreate, so we should get on with it and at least replace ourselves with children, and ideally to give the world at least two spares.

As different as we think we are compared with others around the world, we are, in fact exactly the same. We gain our fundamental education, a job, and someone to love with whom we create a family. The rest is all politics.

Once a year we set aside a day to celebrate love. Why not? We celebrate all manner of other things not nearly as important as love, so a day to declare our love for at least one other person is appropriate, in my opinion.

If you love someone and you need that person you're a very lucky individual. Take the time to smell the flowers and to savour the feeling of being loved and appreciated.

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you, and to me.

Copyright 2016
Eugene Carmichael

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