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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Playboy: No nudes and no prudes

When it comes to Playboy I am super opinionated. I can claim to have bought the first issue, which blew my mind and changed so many views and opinions about sex and women, it would be very difficult for anyone to fully quantify the damage to society.

Before Playboy, my view of women was that they were a very special mystery, and that they deserved my respect. You see, my mother was a woman and I respected her. In my society women were held on a pedestal. They dressed very conservativly, and they behaved that way as well.

The Muslim society today treat their women in the same way. By covering themselves from head to toe they are available only for their husbands to view their bodies. It has never even occurred to me that such a woman might be well built and sexy. They are invisible as women, as they glide by going about their business.

But there they were, the women of Playboy, naked as the day they were born, revealing everything about themselves, and I couldn't get enough. There was also the Playboy Man, and his lifestyle was something I was supposed to want to emulate. So, I started smoking Kool cigarettes, because it was Cool to smoke Kools. That lasted until Benson and Hedges introduced the Gold brand of cigarettes, lighters and the gold case: I bought it all. I was a Playboy Man.

Until I woke up, looked around and wondered what the hell I was doing.

I threw away the cigarettes, lighter and case, and I started to question whether having so many beautiful women in my face was actually better than when they were a mystery. I've since  decided that I was on a journey of dimishing returns where less was more. It got to a point when I explained that I bought the magazine for the articles and the stories. All that beauty finally led to me becoming jaded. Yes, I saw them as I leafed through in search of reading matter but I no longer dwelt on them. And that, apparently is what has happened to the majority of  would-be male readers.

 Playboy has finally got the message that they could only present cheesecake in so many ways before we all shriveled up and became bored. We have come full circle, and it all happened within Hugh Hefner's lifetime.

Now ladies, when we say we buy the magazine for the articles and the stories you are just going to have to believe us.

Copyright (c) 2015  Eugene Carmichael  

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