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Saturday, June 20, 2015


The Oxford Dictionary defines "to forgive" as, cease to feel angry or resentful towards; pardon an offender or offense; (forgive us our mistakes); remit or let off  ( a debt or debtor).

This past week (June 14th-June 20th, 2015) in the United States, a 21 year old monster walked into a church and joined a bible study group and spent a hour with the group in study; then he stood and declared I'm here to kill you. With that he systematically shot and killed nine gentle people in worship, leaving one person alive to act as witness to his atrocity.

In committing these acts he laid bare to the world a new level of  human barbarity previously unseen and unknown, except as practised by the nazis. His actions were carried out as a result of hatred, and his objective was to start a race war in America. That is just not going to happen, in spite of the fact that America has many more monsters just like him. It is not going to happen because family spokesmen have done the most incredible thing while face to face with the monster: they have declared that they forgive him his actions and that they hope he will repent before God.

I believe they mean what they say! I just don't understand how on earth they could find the feelings necessary to pardon the monster for his deliberate and hateful actions that have taken the lives of their family members. He has not asked for their pardon, nor has he done anything at all to even suggest that he regrets his actions.

Although he is a white man and his victims are all black, that alone does not make his crimes any worse than a white man who shot white chilrdren, or any of the many other unspeakable gun crimes against innocent victims in America. For some reason America just doesn´t get it. They insist on their right to own as many guns as they want, and practically any type that they want. Meanwhile, people around the world all look on at such events taking place in America, supposedly the leading nation of the world, and we shake our heads in complete bewilderment. We fully expect more and more outrageous events committed with guns, but we don´t understand why Americans react with such surprise when they happen.

If Americans insist on the right to bear arms, especially in unlimited numbers and varieties, then so be it. They should simply expect that from time to time those guns will be brought out to kill other Americans while they are having a hamburger, or watching a movie, or studying at the library, or shopping for groceries, and, while they are simply in worship in the House of the Lord.

I have observed these events in horror, but were it not for the fact that surviving family members have expressed forgiveness face to face with the monster, I would not have been surprised at all. I expect more atrocities, and much worse because it seems to me to be some kind of perverse race. The next one, that is probably being planned right now will eclipse in horror the last one.

America, you have met the enemy, and the enemy is You!

Copyright (c) 2015  Eugene Carmichael  

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