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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beautiful People

I sometimes get to thinking about the lives of super beautiful and handsome people, and how different those lives could be from my own. I would describe myself as never having been more than average, although I also never had trouble pulling females. I have been guilty of thinking I was God's gift to women of the world, but in reality I was never model material. My son is; and does model clothing and is a part-time actor in television commercials. I'm happy for him and hope it will lead him to success.

What got me thinking about Beautiful/Handsome people is the question: is it a blessing or a curse to be a man, admired by your fellow males and desired by women; and a woman so strikingly perfect that you just know that probably every man (and some women)  coming towards you wants to get their hands on you?

I think that if you are a person who can ignore the attributes you have and keep your feet planted solidly on the ground so that you live an ordinary life, then I imagine it would neither be blessing or curse. The fact of the matter is that in The United States of America and Canada, where beauty is an art form, there are lots of people who fall into that special class.

There are opportunities for beautiful people to take advantage of their looks to advertise stuff, or to get themselves in the movies because beauty and good looks are real saleable commodities. The most obvious place to sell oneself is the movies, but being good eye candy is not enough, you must be a good actor.

My two all-time favourite actors are Hallie Berry, and John Travolta. They both have been featured in some great films, as well as some failures. While their looks and personalities added greatly to their successful works, their flops were not saved in any way because they looked good.

Is it even possible for a hot personality to have a normal life? A normal life would be described as one where a person can have a relationship with a person who truly loves you, and whom you love with all your heart. In such a relationship you both want children, and you trust each other to be true to one another. At least that's the traditional definition. I'm sure people have written different descriptions. There are many relationships between professional people where they don't enter into marriage because they just know that a marriage cannot survive. The problem is simply self-discipline which is difficult enough for all of us ordinary people.

The other thing that many people do with their superb looks is become porn actors. It's not for me to judge, but once you are out there you cannot take it all back if your life takes a turn for the better. Something to think about before the director calls: Action!

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